how do i decide which shoe to get.i had a chart that i got out of runners world based on footprints,but lossed can i decide,which shoe to get


  • Peter - go to a specialist running shop. They know what they're talking about and will know what type of shoe you need.

    Where are you? I am a great fan of Sweatshop - they have branches all over.

    Happy Shambler!
  • I recently visited a specialist running shop in Manchester, they were hopeless. Despite requesting an apraisal of my foot shape & running style the shop attendants encouraged me to buy a pair of cheap shoes, unaware of my weekly milage, weight or biomechanics. (I'm sure I would be crippled by now if I had heeded there advice!)
    I have trusted runners world recommends in the past & have not been let down, however it is essential you know your foot shape & cushioning requirements.
    I hope that my experience is not common, I'm tempted to name & shame, perhaps runners world could do a undercover investigation into the standard of advice from the top specialist running shops.
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