Foot injury recovery time

Evening all! Went for a 4 mile run on Monday and on finishing had a bit of a twinge on the outer part of my left foot, running along the side of it. Didn't think much of it and it was gone by the next day so I did another run but double the distance. By the time I got back I could hardly bear any weight on the foot due to the pain!! Put ice on it, compression bandage and rested up. There was no swelling or brushing and Dr Google suggested it may be due to my snazzy free run trainers and the lack of support I need in the foot has damaged the ligament. Today I can put weight on it but pain starts as soon as I'm walking for more than 5 minutes. Any suggestions on when it would be sensible/safe to get back in the gym? I'm writing running off the programme for a week of two but I'm just looking into doing cardio work on the bike/rower as anything that involves picking my foot up off the floor causes the pain. Oh and I bought new trainers, would appear I need the sturdier variety!!!!! Thanks in advance


  • If it's that bad I'd suggest getting it checked out properly by a trustworthy doctor or physio. One possible cause is peroneal tendonitis, in which case a bit of rest plus massage of the peroneal muscles along the outside of the lower leg, right up to by the knee, might help. Another possible cause is stress fracture or at least stress reaction of the fifth metatarsal - in which case you need at least six weeks proper rest and supportive footwear to help it rest. Re. the gym, you're probably okay if you rest it for a few days and then go by the "if it hurts, stop," rule.

  • Thanks very much! It's better today, more of a full ache rather than sharp pain!
  • Good to hear it's improving - don't forget to keep resting it.

    If you try massaging up the outside of your lower legs, both at the same time, is it more tender on the affected leg than on the other leg? If so, peroneal tendonitis is a definite possibility.

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