OUCH My shins

Hi, Ive been running/jogging for about 10months, nothing serious, i started slowly and increased my training too quickly about 5 months ago, i got shin pain (right leg)and a stress fracture (left foot) i recovered well with minimal running, just lots of gym work. I recently did the London Colour run 5k which was totally amazingimage At the end of the run me and my running buddies decided to sprint the last 200m, since then i have had mild pain in my shins, mainly my right, i find this SOOOO ANNOYING! as i know i should probably stop, i have a run tonight which is manly on the beach but also with some coastal path (tarmac)  also im entered into a Half Marathon on the 29th of this month and im wondering what to do for the best as i need to increase my training to be able to do the Half?


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  • Try to focus on your form, sounds like you are a prolific heal striker like myself. I find it strange to not run with my legs out infront of me, but it works. Good luck in your race, take it easy for a few days image

  • Thanks Dunney- i will try my hardest and wont hit the race to hard tonight image



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