Ex Runner now 65

Hi I was a very competitive runner in my late 30,s 40,s. I stopped racing at about 54.

I ran for Hampshire and RN. I also became a running coach. I want to race the UK PARK RUNS . I did a few last year and had a very good percentage rate in my age group. I don,t want to train myself. I am asking if there is anyone out there that has experience with training veteran runners.  I am fit and healthy, do lots of hill walking with my dogs. Over the last 6 months i probably have only ran 3 miles once a week. I need re motivating. Thanks


  • Graham LGraham L ✭✭✭

    For a coach I can only suggest contacting local clubs if you don't have any luck here. I'm 65 myself and my own motivation is to improve my age grading percentage and to finish as high as possible in races compared to other runners of a similar age. You obviously have lots of experience both as a runner and as a coach and I hope you do get back into it.

  • Agreed, best of luck to you. I am a triathlete,still racing and will be 65 in September. As I'm sure you used to tell the people you coached, the key is consistency - you say you walk with your dogs a lot - if they are not old why don't you run with them? My OH and I run all the time with our two, it's great motivation, you can't say you don't fancy it, because the dogs want to go.We swim in the lake with them too. Hope you find your mojo!

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