Anyone done a marathon in Vibrams or similar shoes?

A couple of months ago I bought a pair of Vibram Seeya ls on a whim.  I was buying a ne pair of the minimalist Brooks puredrift and saw them in the shop next to them.  

Since buying them I have gradually increased my Vibram milage, though still using my pure drift for the longer runs.  I can now comfortably run 10 miles in the vibrams and they are now much more comfortable than the pures.  The Pure Drifts had previously been my most comfortable shoe.

I have a GFA place in the next London marathon and was thinking of doing it in the Vibrams.  Has anyone else raced a marathon in Vibrams or similar and if so how was it?


  • tricialitttricialitt ✭✭✭

    I've certainly seen people in them at variuos road marathons I've done, so it's clearly possible, no idea how they fared, though.


  • ive ran the last 3 in them and the last 2500 ish miles in those or my merrell trailgloves, i have no issues at all, only time i did was i wore my VFF's on a course that got a bit too rocky and was a bit painful to stand on. 

  • Thanks.  Getting more used to the Vbs now and more confident about doing a marathon in them.

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    I saw someone running the wall yesterday in them, don't know how they did and of course could change at the halfway drop bag, but even so image 

  • If the idea of blood blisters, black toe nails, huge blisters and or skin peeling of your feet does not sounds bad. Go ahead and run a marathon in VFFs. Worst case scenario is a stress fracture and or broken foot or ankle.

  • Road Warrior..I'm no fan of barefoot shoes but what you mention happens a lot to people wearing all makes and brands of shoes.......

    as Surrey runner is already running 10 miles in them without issues......then why on earth would he suddenly suffer if he does what anyone sensible does and builds up slowly.....

    He has 9 months and he is already a good runner probably with some experience as he has a GFA......

    I'd say go for it



  • SR: Not used VFF, but I've now run a trail marathon and six 50-mile ultras in minimal shoes - mostly VivoBarefoot Neo Trail, but Inov-8 Trailroc 235s  (zero drop but a little more cushioning than the Neos) for the Lakeland 50. If you build up gradually to running long distances in the VFFs and find them comfortable then why not?

  • I've done a marathon in Merrell pace gloves, which are minimalist shoes. I also run in vibrams and would have no problem doing a marathon in them as my body is used to them and I like them. Why not?

  • I have run both half marathon and marathon in Fivefingers Seeya and Bikila LS.

    I haven't seen what RoadWarrior talks about. I guess you would get injured form any shoe if you are not prepared/trained enough for soemthing like a marathon. Apply common senseimage

  • There was a guy doing a marathon in VFF's on Sunday...

    Don't know about him, but I've got a black toenail in my usual Sauconys
  • Sturdy framed fella ran the MK marathon in flip flops. Flapping and slapping with every step. Bizarre sight.
  • Hi All,

    I had blackened toenails, blisters and skin peeling off my foot when I ran in conventional shoes.  Nothing like that with the Vibrams.  

    However I have a bit of a calf strain now so only doing reduced mileage and running every over day while I recover.  Got the strain after pushing it a bit in a 10k race.  Think speed may have been more of an issue than distance. 


  • my achilles woke up when i switched to zero drop, but as a result i'm faster and run more comfortably (these may be a by product of just being a more experienced runner now too, coincidence maybe) 

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