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I agreed to run two half-marathons followed by three marathons for charity during June. Started off with a trail run in the Lake District (which was v tough) followed by St Albans half today. I ran ten minutes slower (1hr 36) than the last half marathon I entered a couple of months ago and I was seriously struggling by the end. I think I may have done too much in training (did 24 miles two weeks before the first half) and now I am worried I won't be able to complete even one marathon. Not really sure what to do this week. Should I be running at all? I plan to do a bit of yoga at some point. Are there any other activities which may help come Sunday? Also, what should I be eating? Carb loading for the entire week? I am worried that I have bitten off more than I can chew but I am determined to finish. I know I am capable of doing so having run the London Marathon in 3hrs 23mins in 2011 (as a smoker) and having done 24 miles in 2hrs 45mins one month ago. Any help/advice/tips would be greatly appreciated image


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    Man up you agreed to do it. 

    Rest maybe one midweek run, look at the cut off times for the marathons and the first one do as slow as possible walking as much as you can, with a short midweek run to loosen your muscles and repeat. 

    If you can, pay for a physio to give you a weekly massage to help your leg muscles out.


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    you dont need to carb load for a whole week. it will just go to fat, and could get you bunged up too if you catch my drift.  If anything you want to refuel a bit after a run, but then get onto proteins to helpyour body repair all the damage you. Then get back into carb loading 2-3 days before the next race.

    I'd also restrict any in between efforts to stretching/yoga, light non impact exercsie (spinning or swimming) or very easy running. There is nothing you can do to get faster/more efficient here, these are purely to help keep things ticking over and boost bloodflow just rnough that you can flush out waste products and get nutrients around your body to help recovery. Massage will help with that too.

    That looks like a hell of a challenge - send me a link you your fundraising page!

  • Run them a lot slower and you should survive. A slow marathon is far less stressful on the body. Run them at 4 hour pace or something.

  • That's great, cheers. Not concerned about times at all. Just want to finish them! Thank you for all the advice, it is much appreciated. If you would like to sponsor then you can do so here:

    My effort of 2 half marathons and 3 marathons pales in significance hen compared to what my brother is doing as part of the same fundraising effort!

    Thanks again for the advice. Will hopefully be able to make it through to July in one piece. Might be a while before I sign up to another event though...
  • Thanks again for the advice. Went round slowly today, got through just about. Two marathons left!
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