Groin injury - 2nd op and still in pain

Hi, I have done a lot of runs for charity but my groin has stopped me doing any the past few years. If anyone could give me some advice so I could get back to it I would really appreciate it I developed some sharp deep pain in my groin a couple of years ago after golf. I saw a specialist, it was confirmed as a sports hernia and operated on. There was a tear from the inguinal ring. I completely recovered and had no pain a few months after the operation. Last summer after playing golf the same pain returned. After 6 months of seeing the specialist and a physio I went with an op to explore what the pain could be with the same surgeon He said that 4cm of the inguinal ligament had torn away from the fascia and sowed it back. 6 months after the 2nd op I'm still having problems when trying to do any type of exercise After exercise I get a deep dull pain, similar to a swollen feeling. Is there anything I could try? Many thanks


  • I've been having the same problem now for 5 weeks.

    My physio says I have either torn it or have a hernia.

    If pain still persisting in a fortnights time my physio will write a letter to my Drs

    The sharp pains are very painful causing leg to feel that it's giving way and the need to grab the area.

    I have piriformis syndrome going aswell at the moment so pain has become part of my life lately
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