Cotswold 113

There will be Pirates marshalling at the Bike feed and at the Run "crossing point".



  • I'll hopefully be there to heckle/support image

  • Hoping to be there bearing jelly babies.

  • I shall be supporting and potentially at the bike feedstation?

    Not had my orders yet image
  • I'm 'racing' this event. Popping along with a couple of mates, and we're all off in the last wave. It'll be my first OW swim of the year, and not really prepped for it

    I'll keep an eye out, and an ear open, for the support
  • i will be supporting.......I'm cycling over there so hopefully will leave around midnight to get there for the first competitors...imageimage

  • Seren, you are truly nuts.  Nothing more to add image

  • Me, my wife and kids are marshalling too. We'll be at "entrance to watermark, adjacent to shop / cafe"

    Seren, come and say hello!

  • Seren that is super dedication, given your abilities perhaps you can help me be able to support whilst I'm also in Wimblball.

    Not happy missing this as the support last year really helped me to get through this event and I would have liked to support this year.

    Hope everyone who is racing has a great events and excellent to see so many pirates at my local race.

  • Unchartered abilities....are you suggesting that I'm so loud that I can support at cotsolds and wimbleball at the same time imageimage

  • image I kinda didn't think of it like that but it does sounds like with a megaphone and a good wind we might be in luck. Enjoy the 113 have a feeling it is going to be a hot weekend.

  • Just read that the total elevation gain is 54m per lap, wow, a lot less than the 3500 on Sundays Dragon Ride
  • I'm not sure that it's as much as 54m M-tri.

  • Just gets better. Sounds like the swim could be the lumpiest part.
  • From memory, if you try and cut a corner it does get shallow enough to touch the bottom with your fingers. So don't cut the corner! (It's the middle bit, the dimple of the M shape).

    The run is as flat as a country hedgehog, with the exception of one tree root. The path can be a bit narrow though, so overtake sensibly.


  • 'Overtake sensibily', made me smile, should have said 'keep to the side to ease being overtaken'
  • Quite wish I'd done this now but it didn't seem that good an idea as I did Grafman last Sunday. As it turns out I reckon I could've done both. However, I'll enjoy watching others doing it on Sunday. 

    It's certainly on my list for next year - or, more likely, the 226 version of it is.

  • CC - there is always the Cotswold Classic on 31 August.  Exactly the same course as the 113 but organised as an end of season race

  • Check out the water temperature! It's estimated to be 20 and climbing. Discussions with the crew - we'll have to take the water temperature checks from one of the two underwater springs to make sure that it's not 24 degrees.

  • Good news, on ensuring the temps are kept low, really do need a wetsuit swim this weekend

  • Pop-Up Schmunks wrote (see)

    CC - there is always the Cotswold Classic on 31 August.  Exactly the same course as the 113 but organised as an end of season race

    Thanks for this. I've just checked the reason why I didn't do it and I'm reminded by my support crew (aka wife) that we're spending that day running around after children - collecting one from one scout camp and dropping the other one off at a different scout camp. And I get given a lot of leeway to train so have to do the family stuff now and again!

  • An excellent day out, and lovely to see so many happy smiling faces.

  • A good day indeed. My first race in the black-and-yellow, the support is awesome.
  • great day out.pirates rock.......image


  • A great day and nice to meet a few more Pirates. image
  • brilliant to meet and chat with you .image

    it helps to be able to put a face to a name.image

  • Sorry missed everyone today! image Checked on results and well done all! image

  • I'll recognise Maxine anywhere now, and from any angle.

  • We enjoyed it too. Now that I've been on the marshalling side of things I reckon the racing is easier. Nevertheless a good day out. Well done everyone that took part.

  • Massive thank you to all the Pirates for their support yesterday, particularly waiting For me at the finish, just wanted to say that I really appreciated it.

  • great to see you Little bighorne.....

    Will you be at the Outlaw meetup.either competing or bike feed station

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