Pain in arch of foot when walking

I have been diagnosed with Plantar Fasciatis. I am now wearing special shoe soles and undergoing physiotherapy. This was because my hills were burning in pain but now I am better. However, I fill pain on my right foot when walking.
This is not when the toes are flexed alone but when both when the motion of the foot reaches a point where the ball of the foot gets the most pressure. Don't be confused, the ball of the foot does not hurt, it is just that moment when the bass received the most pressure where I feel something in the arch being stretched and it hurts. I am not sure if it is Tendor of flexor hallucis longus or flexor hallucis brevis.
Another time when it hurts is when I stretch the foot with my hands. It is fine when I stretch my toes backwards but the moment when a also pull the foot backwards and the sole/arch stretches then I feel a pain along the arch and it seems to be nearer the ball of the foot. What do you guys think it is? Thanks
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