Any ideas?

So, apologies this is my first post, but looking for some advice.

Generally I run 7 miles twice a week with no issues, plus also the odd bike ride here and there.

I had two weeks where rest recently due to feeling tired/lack of energy and a virus. 

Last week (Tuesday) I decided to go back running. Did everything I normally do/same route. I'm sure when I started out I had a slightly sore foot but carried on. I can't remember it getting worse nor anything significant over the following days.

Over the weekend my left foot has been getting significantly more sore, and by Monday I was at the walk in centre (as I wasnt able to get to see my doctor).

The walk in centre sent for me an x-ray yesterday, but the radiologist sent me home afterwards and said my GP would be in touch within 7-10 days. No advice or comments (although perhaps expected from a radiologist). I booked in to my GP last night to discuss, but the only conclusion without the x-ray is there were no broken bones and to call for the results and/or if symptoms don't ease.

So over the weekend my symptoms have been an increased pain on the top of my foot, starting right below my middle toe, going down the foot about an inch or so. Tenderness then around an inch either side of downward area. There is swelling. Not really a small amount, but certainly not a significant size. Hot to touch. I'm also on steroids for something else, so hopefully taking some of the inflammation down.

Since Monday the pain has been painful walking (with and without shoes), changing gears in car etc. Today the pain has developed to a burning pain sensation, with the same pain walking, driving etc. Even slightly lifting my toes causes pain (as does curling my toes).

I'm now having to wait for the GP to view the x-ray.

My main concern is I have a stress fracture, but my GP is waiting for the x-ray. But I understand that an x-ray might not be the best way to see if I have a stress fracture?

Outside of stress fractures, are there any other thoughts what this could be?

I'm wracking my brains and a little frustrated at having no diagnosis, with or without and x-ray.

Really wanting to get back in to some exercise. Another reason to know what is wrong!


  • could be post viral Rhumatic Arthritis

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    if the x-ray is clear, it sounds like it could be morton's neuroma

    the other differentials - ganglion (my dad had a ganglion of the foot)

    i dont think you really get 'stress fracture' in the intermetatarsal region.

  • Thanks folks.

    For Morton's Neuroma, I don't seem to have many of the symptoms/miss some of the key symptoms. The pain is on the metatarsal (fifth, perhaps fourth (without knowing the exact location of them)) and not in between.

    For the arthritis, I guess a possability. But I take both steroids and an anti-inflammatory drug for another condition (not related to the foot), so would presume inflammation would be quite low,

    Even with the above two tablets I am in pain and have inflammation in the pain area.

    Tried the doctors again today to see if the x-ray was in, and told abruptly by the receptionist no and it wouldn't be in until a week after having it. Which is not so nice to know when you are in pain.

  • tricialitttricialitt ✭✭✭

    ? some sort of tendonitis? Only trouble is that the treatment for that would be mainly the medications you are already on- have you tried icing it? Ice and elevation for the swelling would be a starting point, I would think.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks tricialitt. I try and elevate it at home, but still hurts when I do this and move my foot. Then I sometimes get a pain when I de-elevate my foot and the blood moves back in to the area. I guess this could be an option. Is there anything different symptom wise to a stress fracture?

    Am I perhaps looking for something it isnt, and perhaps it is a stress fracture?

    Is it worth pushing my doctor for a further appointment or just drop in to A&E?

    This morning it's still painful as before, with the sore area looking a little more bruised (but not out and out bruise).

    If I go from the ball of my foot to the tip of my toes in a step, it hurts at each point except when my foot is flat with no pressure.

    With the limping my right calf is now starting to hurt (like an acute cramping) and my left back, just above my buttock/to the side is hurting as well).

    Just feel in a place of not knowing what to do. Leave it, doctors, A&E. 

    Really, I just want to get back to normal, but to do that I want to avoid doing more damage and know when is the best time to start training again.

  • Managed to have a quick conversation with a doctor tonight. Yes. Nothing on the surgery system, but oh look…it was on the hospital system that they have access too image

    Have booked an appointment for Tuesday next week, so a weekend of pain.

    Anyway, the doctor said the x-ray was negative for any visible fractures but did say that yes, they don't always show up.

    After describing the pain he did ask if it was so bad. Well yes, that's why i'm trying to find out what is actually wrong. 

    According to the doctor it could be an 'overuse injury'. Does anybody have a clue what these means? I presume its a general term encompassing many injuries. 

    Just jealous of everyone out there running!

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