Loneliness and the Long Distance Runner



  • Thanks Nayan. I was thinking maybe he'd misspelled 'skirt', but why would she pull it down?

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    It would appear that 'skip' might also refer to 'skipper' or team captain. Suggesting she may have been a rugger bugger ie, mutatis mutandis, quite muscly.

  • i post frequently here.....but I am a member of a running club and enjoy running with them.and a member of a cycling club and cycle with them......

    you only get back from things what you put in.

    when running on my own I always smile and say good morning to people..i chat to other runners I come across.in races and parkruns I talk to people.......

    ok I just like to talk....but if you build a wall around yourself....only you can knock it down.....you can't expect others to come and knock it down for you

  • I thought I would post again to let you know what I have done in the event that anybody else might be looking for ideas also..

    I have got myself involved in 'campaigning' as it is not such a solitary pursuit as running and some other sports. It is not 'political' stuff more charity stuff and animals. I can also do sponsorship for any races I do. I knew giving up running would not be right!

    I will also not post again but probably go back to lurking. Sorry if that seems like stealing from the forum. The reason is that over the years I have not liked some of the things I have read but accepted that people have their own personalities. Some like to troll and they are easily spotted. Eventually I thought give it a try and posted. Thanks very much for all your replies.

    The recent banning of forumites and deletion of threads seems to me like an attempt at sanitising the Forum to give an appearance that is not a true reflection of the reality. Maybe I am better at suffering fools gladly than others.  



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    Bye, then

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    That's your post abbreviated SBS, interesting piece of introspection.

  • Bye

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