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Hi, I've tried to find a thread for next year's Manchester marathon. Date not announced yet due to football fixtures but should be April sometime. With London being the 26th I would imagine it will be either 5th,12th or 19th April. 

Anyway I'm planning on doing it even if I'm lucky in the ballot for London(  Will defer until 2016) I would welcome anyone's experience of it this year. Any tips, advice etc please post and hopefully if anyone else thinking of doing it we can have a wee discussion going forward on it. 

Thanks in advance.



  • RedjeepRedjeep ✭✭✭

    I did it this year and am planning to try again next year.

  • Hi redjeep, how was the organisation and atmosphere around it?

  • Superb race.  Did it this year and will definitely be back for 2015.  Well organised fast flat course.  Crowds were bigger in the towns with hardly anyone around running through Carrington at the 20-odd mile mark.   

  • Well football fixtures announced and man utd at home weekend of the 5th and 12th so possibly gonna be the 19th for Manchester marathon 2015. Can't see them having it same weekend as London??

    Sounds a good race then Andy, hopefully they will firm up date and I can get hotel booked and the training stepped up. 

  • NayanNayan ✭✭✭

    Nice race. Fast and flat, not too busy either.


  • I think the 19th looks likely too.  Unlike London you are off and running quickly with very little congestion. Depending on your football allegiances finishing outside Old Trafford is pretty cool too image

  • This site:

    appears to show the date as being 31st March, 2015, I don't know how accurate that is though.  I think I am going to ask the question on the Manchester Marathon FB page, see if they answer.

  • Hi lotus, don't think that date is accurate at all because it's a Tuesday! I've already asked on their FB page but no reply as yet. 

    Easter Monday is the 6th April, don't they usually have a fixture calender on Easter Monday? So old Trafford might be free on the 5th?? Really do think it will be the 19th though! 

  • Agree that mile 20 was a bit lonely but thought this was a great event. Easy to get to on the tram, lovely support on parts, flat and well organised. Would recommend it based on this year's race. Oh and I PB'd ????
  • Reply on FB page and they say they are working to secure the 19th and just finalising the details and will confirm date as soon as possible. 

  • bigeater wrote (see)

    Reply on FB page and they say they are working to secure the 19th and just finalising the details and will confirm date as soon as possible. 

    Ahh nice one!

    Regarding the 31st March, I never noticed that about it being on a Tuesday, that definitely cancels out that date then haha

  • NayanNayan ✭✭✭

    I think people use Manchester as a backup to the London ballot.  It's a smaller event and the organisers are quite happy to let you defer should london come up for you. 

  • I have run London twice and Manchester once and definitely prefer Manchester.  


  • Still no confirmed date for this marathon, I was hoping to have it booked and hotel sorted before I go on holiday on Friday.

  • Manchester marathon 2015 confirmed for 19th April 2015. I'm in..... anyone else?

  • I'm definitely doing it again.  Was a blast this year.  

  • Hotel now booked, placed secured, now just the easy!!  Currently running 20-25 miles a week which I'll gradually increase with the real training starting around November. 

  • I shall be entering if I am unsuccessful in the VLM ballot. Looks like a great event. Paris was an Asics sponsored marathon and was brilliant, so I'm hoping for more of the same from Manchester!

  • I deferred this year, so definitely in for next year! Where is everyone staying?

  • Hi bellabee, I got the travelodge at Salford quays relatively cheap and I think it's less than a mile to the start at old Trafford. Booked a family room so wife and kids can come. Think any hotel in that area is good for old Trafford. Hopefully someone with local knowledge will post and off advice. 

  • A lot of people (myself included) stayed at the Travelodge in Altrincham. It's about £21 per night for a family room and you can get the Metro into Old Trafford from there. That's right on the halfway mark too so great for family/friends who can wait for you there to cheer you on at the halfway mark and then hop on the tram to the finish line. I'll most likely be doing that again next year.

  • 15West15West ✭✭✭

    Ran it the first year when the weather was terrible and the organisation not much better. Have spectated in the two years since and the organisation appears to be much better. It's a fast marathon as is flat and has a good mix of runners and great support. For accomodation Old Trafford is well connected by public transport: tram, train or bus. So you could stay in the city centre, or somewhere near a tram stop and you should be good. 

  • Most likely in again myself next year too.  Not yet booked and waiting on London ballot failure as well.

    Great race last year, amazing day and a really good group of us on the forums during training.


  • Just booked in for the marathon.  looking forward to it.  

  • Pete HoltPete Holt ✭✭✭

    I'm in.  want to do a European in spring too (im doing Dublin in October) so will be doing Barcelona in early march at an easy pace.  probably not a good idea but hey ho. image

  • Well training under way. 10.52 mile run this morning in nice warm conditions making it 24 miles for the week. Plan to do Sunday long runs anywhere between 10-13 miles until November to get a good base then up the the mileage from then on. 

    Anyone else been doing any training yet?

  • Pete HoltPete Holt ✭✭✭

    Hi Big, Not specifically for Manchester no.  But have just finished 1st proper week of training for Dublin which is a sixteen week plan. 39 miles in total for the week gone.  I am obsessed with the long run as I have done three or four 16 milers already as part of my general build up!!  image  The plan I am "following" would have had me running a 13 miler yesterday but I would have no confidence come race day doing such short runs. 

    for the week ahead I have hill sprints Monday, steady run with my club on Tuesday @8:20 mm and a tempo run on Wednesday @ 7:50mm.


    Is this your first Marathon?

    and are you entering any races 10k, halfs before the year is out?




  • Hi Pete, no I ran London marathon in 2013, loved the whole experience and really ran it to enjoy it. I'm in the ballot for London next year also but already know should I be lucky to get in I will defer until 2016. Could also possibly have got a club place for London but want to try another marathon. 

    Yes I'll do 10ks, loads of local ones to me and I'll be doing at least 2 halfs before Manchester, one in October and one in March. Will use the October one to see how close I can get to my pb, ( 1.45.18) and the March one will be marathon pace in prep for Manchester.

    For London longest run I did was 20 miles but this time I'm going to get at least two 22 milers in, found the last 6.2 miles really hard. 

    Good luck with the Dublin training, have you did it before? 

  • Pete HoltPete Holt ✭✭✭

    Hi Big, the last 4 to 6 miles - If you have not done it before may be worth also trying carb loading as well as doing the extra 20milers.

    I have never done Dublin my first marathon was Manchester this year, apart from being ill on the day, it went great and really "got the bug".  Even at the worst point of the run the last three miles when every muscle begged me to stop running.  I was thinking about which one I was going to do next. image

    When will you start upping your mileage significantly will you start before or after xmas?

    I plan to start before xmas as I will be running the barca marathon at an easy pace as part of my build up. It is my own compromise to myself as I wanted to run mainland Europe in the spring but was also torn about doing Manchester again, as it is my home marathon and loads from my club will be running it. image


  • Pete, thanks for carb loading advice, that's one area I need to get right in Manchester. In London I kind of got up in the atmosphere and buzz of doing it my fuelling wasn't carried out the way I trained. I also was never going to stop in London and ran the perfect run until 20 miles then struggled the last 10k but think that is pretty common especially in your first marathon, I've learned so much from London such as get a couple of longer than 20 milers in.

    Yes I will start upping mileage before Xmas, for London I never got my training started until end of November( last minute club place) but this time by then I will have had a good few longish runs done up to 15-16 miles so will have such a better base to kick on from. That's one of the reasons I've committed to Manchester early so I can have some good training behind me early in the year and not waiting for London and kick starting in October. 

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