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Hi, Hope some of you can offer some advice! I currently have an old Garmin Forerunner 205, which drives me bonkers with the length of time it takes to pick up satellite signal! So am looking for a replacement....looking to spend a max £150, only need basic functions (time/distance/pace etc), should be water resistant, not too bulky as I have tiny wrists, but above all not take an age to get a signal!! Any recommendations? Was looking at the Forerunner 10, but there seems to be mixed reviews as to the signal.



  • I've got 205 also and still love it. I had signal problems also and googled how to do a reset, was simple enough and sorted signal issue. Give it a try, might save you £150!

  • Great - thanks. Will get googling!
  • If you don't get sorted, Amazon have the 310xt for about 125 quid at the minute.
  • I'm also looking to buy a GPS watch with basic functions. I don't currently have one and use the free apps available. This morning I did an organised 10k and my app said it was 7 miles! Can anyone recommend a more accurate watch for about £150? Any other suggestions than the 205? Thanks 

  • Laura, you will get a decent watch for £150 no problem, a few of my friends use the Garmin forerunner 110 and I think it does everything you will need in your budget. Google it and see what you think.

  • If you want a simple, very basic one consider the soleus 1. It's around £60. No frills, but gives speed and pace, time distance etc. No upload to pc. No heart monitor. It can take a minute or so to pick up the signal, but once locked on it's fine. I just put it next to the window when I'm getting changed and it beeps before I'm ready. Does me fine.


  • Snap!Snap! ✭✭✭

    I have a 305. Takes ages to pick up signal. Simple solution is to turn it on and leave it by a window while you get changed for your run. It's a habit now and always ready to go.

    Look at for reviews

  • Thanks all, that's useful. I'll check them out.

  • BikoBiko ✭✭✭

    I've got the same as Biffa and it's ideal for those of us who don't want to track every piece of minutiae about our runs - or boast about them on Facebook... It's entirely adequate.

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    310xt does seem to be a bargain 

  • Don't get a Forerunner 10. Takes ages to pick up a signal and the strap has just broken on mine (apparently a common problem). When it's working, it's great, does all the basic functions I need and is easy to read on the run. If I could turn back the clock I'd buy something else. Just ordered a new strap for it as I can't afford a complete new watch.

  • I'm using the 110 and find it great

  • The 110 is a bargain, you can pick one up new for £90. Does all the basic things & is pretty small for a GPS watch.

  • I've just been on my second run with my Garmin Forerunner 110, I agree it does take a little while to pick up signal but it encourages me to do a warm up before my run whilst waiting for it, something that I've been guilty of trying to skip! But overall it does everything I wanted it to. Good piece of kit so far!

  • I use a Nike+ GPS Sportwatch and although I'd read lots of bad reviews about taking ages to pick up satellites, so far haven't had a problem. I went for the Nike because I'd started running using the App on my iPhone and didn't want to start again. The Shoe-pod helps maintain the tracking when running under thick tree cover or through underpasses etc. and also there's a Polar Heart Rate Monitor that links to it.

    Every time its connected to the computer it updates the satellite info, and as I do that after each run it possibly helps with the speed of connection.

    A couple of weeks ago Aldi were advertising a GPS watch with Heart-rate monitor for (I think) £70!! Not sure how good it is, but I suspect many have the same components inside.

  • +110 (as in +1 for the Forerunner 110). Particularly useful for road-based intervals and I find it works whatever the weather or tree cover.
  • I use a Forerunner 220 and love it. Does everything you need it to, feels light on the wrist, seems to pick up the signal fast enough and has enough settings to distract you regardless of which type of run you are going on. I think it looks pretty good too compared to some of the others out there.

  • I'm also luvvin the Nike+ GPS Sportswatch. Picks up signal really quickly and as said above already, shoe pod maintains accuracy and improves 'current pace' display. If it's not finding signal immediately, you can start on just shoe pod and it will keep searching while you run which is useful if there isn't much signal where you set off from. I don't know if it's because it is TomTom or what, but the mapping once uploaded is always SO accurate down to which side of the road I ran on. And when I've raced courses with multiple laps, on been running on the track, the two+ routes overlay pretty perfectly unlike some GPS drift I've seen from other devices. A road half marathon on a quiet course I ran on Sunday came out at 21.10km so I'm happy with course accuracy. 

    I would consider which software is most appropriate for what you want, as the Nike is VERY easy to use but does smooth some of the data so it's difficult to get down into the nitty gritty of splits/elevation etc, though the 'tap to lap' function is good (same as Garmin?)

    Oh, and I'm a female with skinny wrists. At first it feels a bulky watch but I have gotten used to it. I have holes to spare but given the shape of the main unit it won't fit snug around your whole wrist. 

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    My wife mentioned Aldi have a GPS watch (with heart rate monitor) for £65. 

    (No idea if links work on here, but here goes)

    You can google it if it didn't work.

    Has anyone got any experience of using this as my wife is looking to get a cheap no-frills GPS watch? (HR monitor being the added bonus)

  • I bought one of the aldi watches for my wife a few weeks back. She's very happy with it. Her only slight complaint is that the hrm strap isn't as comfortable as her old Polar soft strap.
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