Nike sdm triax 100 - Is yours broke?

Hi there. I have been having problems with my Nike. Firstly the metal facing keeps falling off. Now I cannot get the pod to link with the watch. Have re-set the watch but cannot get an ID. Does not appear to be any linking with the pod.

Has anyone else had this problem and if so did you manage to fix it? As I have had unit for 2 yrs it is out of warrenty. Ma still have to send it off to get fixed. Anyone any idea how much they charge?


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  • Robert I never found the Nike sdm a very good bit of kit. I had to have a replacement foot unit under the guarantee whithin a year and then the replacement itself went on to malfunction- just cut out while running and never could get the thing started, hence I have Garmin now and hope that is more reliable. The problem with the design I believe is the foot unit being only splash resistant and having to undo the seal to change the batteries. How many runs where even when it's dry you run through a puddle? I never got round to sending for a replacement as I lost confidence in it. I hope mine was a one off and others are still happily using them and can answer your question.

  • I've used the SDM for a couple of years without a problem although I probably never used it in the rain. I recently bought the Triax Elite with the additional heart rate monitor and link to PC. As well as those benefits, the pod is now a far more robust item and battery change no longer requires a screwdriver. If you do need a replacement then it may be worth finding the new type pod.
  • Hi Robert, a new pod for the Nike SDM will set you back around £70.00.
    It is probably worth contacting Seiko, who distribute Nike watches/sdms, in the Uk and they should be able to give you an estimate for the repair. Alternatively you could bring it back to the shop you bought it from and they should be able to send it back on your behalf.
  • Not sure it is worthit to repair??
  • The metal face to my watch went 'ping' one day and flew off the watch. I sent it back via Seiko, the shop I bought it from gave me the address. It cost £27, I think, and you get a whole new casing. It looks like a brand new watch when you get it back.

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