I think I am over training

Hello all I need some advice please. No actually a lot of advice!

Have not been training from Spring last year till Feb this year. In the meantime I put 2st in weigh on.

Since Feb I have lost 1 1/2 st and been training (and I think over training) like a tasmanian devil.

I have been doing quite a few half marathons and have been getting slower and slower, I picked all hilly and xc runs to make me stronger, I also swim  cycle and go to the gym 2x a week in the last two months but as soon as I start exercising I feel fatigued and my muscles ache very early on.

I know I need to rest more but how much more? How?

I am doing my last long run next weekend and then I want to start doing shorter runs - but faster to work on speed, as I am doing my first Half IM in August. Do you think this is a good plan? (not the half - I just want to complete it to set a target for next year)

Also should I also do shorter fast bike rides and one long at the weekend from next week? Is that enough?

Also have a question about timing my summer hols but will post in a separate thread.

Look forward to your replies image




  • You give an awful lot of information but not actually what you are training for? Last long run for what and of what distance?

    Do you know you are overtraining or are you guessing as such because you lack energy?

    you have lost weight, have uou done this sensibly?

    what training bourse have to built up to/from?

    what is your daily/weekly diet like?

    I think you need to analyse your goals and your training based on current fitness such as it is

  • I did say I am doing an Half IM in August sorry if it wasnt clear image this is my goal. To complete it in as little pain as possibleimage

    Last long distance was a Half Marathon and next week will be doing 18miles (last long run I think)

    Yes lost weight sensibly, have a very good diet no issues there. I think I am over training because when I start any activity my muscles still ache from the previous activity. The ache is like a fatigues pain not a niggle or injury type of pain.

    So because I feel fatigued and my muscles ache I cant really push and am sluggish and not getting any faster. I take a total rest 1 day a week, train 6 days a week. Sometimes two activities in one day.

    I am a newbie so not sure what I have to do to "analyse your goals and your training based on current fitness such as it is" image

  • i'd get your iron levels checked by your GP for a start...

    lets be honest.... its all prep for an Ironman on my 100th birthday
  • So for a year up to Feb 14 you were basically doing nothing. Since then you've been training 6 days per week and have run several tough half marathons.

    My questions
    At what intensity are you training?
    Have you had any 'cut back' weeks since Feb or are you constantly building?
    Why do you feel the need to do an 18 mile run in preparation for a HIM, particularly if your target is just to complete?

    If you're contantly fatigued you'd probably do well to take a couple of days off. Think quality rather than quantity.

  • I was likely confused when you said you were doing your last long run next weekend ... One would assume then that the goal was sooner

    what plan are you following for this half IM in August?

    how many hours per week are you training and how are they made up?

  • gym twice a week and a few maras - thats not training - i didnt get to where i am today without over training - you got to pass out before you can be seriously over trained - take it from some one that knowsimage


  • how many runs are you doing a week.and how many of them are easy.....what pace are you doing your long runs at....these should be done at slower than planned pace....

    when you say you can't push it........do you mean all runs or just the fast ones......

    for running 6 days a week......basically your long run should be fairly steady so that you could have a conversation.....you could do a run with some spee work if you wanted or you could just do a run like a park run with some intensity.........then the day after a nice slow recovery run............

    if you are running all your runs pushing it as well as doing some tough classes or sessions...then you are going to be overtraining and get fatigued

    its all a balance.....

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    You did state you are doing your 'last long run' next weekend.  So that's why you've confused people.  Last long run for what?  If that's a last long run for a half ironman in August it's not exactly a requirement.  If you've got a marathon in 3 weeks time then yes, you need it..

    Cutting through all the extra information you have provided and going back to the essence of the question, if your main A race/goal is a half ironman in August and you think you are over training I would suggest you take this week off and do absolutely nothing at all.  NOTHING.  To resolve over training, stop training.

    During your week of enforced rest, sit down and research some training plans for half ironman distance.  Fink does one, Beginner Triathlete does one.  Read some quality training online via triathlete europe, 220 etc Then get a year planner and work backwards from August.  

    If your training is as hectic as your posting, it's no wonder you're tired.

  • Totally agree with what Mousey says.
    Also, "how much" training leads to "overtraining" is completely dependant on the individual and their level of fitness. A pro triathlete can overtrain; a newbie can overtrain. It'll take different volume+intensities for each to get to that point. So "am I overtraining?" is a practically impossible question for us to answer off so little information.
    Like Mouse says, have some time off and see what happens.

  • thanks all but especially M..o.use for the first sensible answer award.

    Seem some people have selective reading as well as selective hearingimage

    I am training 6 x a week not gym twice a week and a few maras, drr


    Anyhow lets get to the important bit

    Yes went from 0 in Feb to today training 6 x week

    I am going to the Gym 2x a week started only recently - as I have an old disk injury and want to strengthen my core as I know this is very important especially on longer races.

    Swimming 3x a week as am doing a lot of technique so 2x pool drills and 1x lake

    Running 2x a week

    Gym 2x Week

    Cycling 2x week

    I end up varying between 70/90 a week.

    I only have one speed at the moment image when I say I am not pushing is because I dont want to injure myself so jut getting round in a comfortable pace probn giving 80% off my best.

    I am doing this long run (this weekend)  and half IM because it's deferred from last year and since I have started training I put in long runs to build some stamina, now I know that I can run / go for hours, albeit slow, I am thinking I should start concentrating on speed. Again not sure if my theory is correct.

    Please dont foget that I am a newby and building up on all my lost fitness (was never really really fast to start with) so please be patient, everyone has different goals I dont intend to get to the Podium this year for me is to get ideally as fast as I was before I stopped training then next year I can try to break a few PB.

    I would not have entered an Half IM at this stage in my training but since is deferred I have nothing to loose I will set a target for next year.

    My question was only whether I was over training because althought I can run 1/2 marathon and not feel crippled and run the day after or cycle etc etc - I cant do so at any kind of speed. I have no umph!

    Thanks again hope this additional information gives a bit more insight I was worried about giving too much info in case it was too much to digest image


  • Training in one HR zone will get you to a certain level of fitness before you plateau. I fell into this same trap last year couldn't understand why no further improvement pushed until injured cross trained and found triathlon so not all bad.M.ouse is spot on get a training plan poss. HR based fink does one and work from there.

  • Slow_coach wrote (see)

    I end up varying between 70/90 a week.



    Is that hours or minutes?

    If its minutes - you are not doing enough

    if its hours - you are doing to much


  • And do build in some cut-back weeks. Our tri club trainer works off 3 weeks building, then a week of less intensity/distance and more rest. Then we start again where we left off at the end of week 3, and begin the build from that higher level. Keeping on training relentlessly week after week  you will plateau, which I suspect has already happened to you from what you describe. I agree, you should take a week of complete rest and then begin again to train sensibly with a proper training plan.

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭
    I think 70/90 is % effort level.
  • Glasslegs you suggest I should start training using my HR? I do have one but dontreally use it with my Garmin. Whas it "HR based fink does one..." can you give me more info please? Thanks

    The Silent Assassin 70/90 MILES a week.

    Do you all think is too soon to start working on speed now?

    Where do I find a 3 months half Ironman training plan image


  • errr ... none taken image
  • Slow_coach wrote (see)


    Yes went from 0 in Feb to today training 6 x week

    Swimming 3x a week as am doing a lot of technique so 2x pool drills and 1x lake

    Running 2x a week

    Gym 2x Week

    Cycling 2x week


    Isn't this 9x week not 6?

  • I would think all the half ironman training programs Mouse mentioned will fit in with your timescale. You can always look at them and see where your current training load fits in with the plan and pick it up from that week.

    I don't know anyone who measures miles done in a week as an indicator for how well their triathalon training is going. I know its often used as  measure for pure run training but that's doesn't translate across to Tri.

    For triathlon long runs tend to be done under the race distance not over it. Run is the last bit of a tri and the plan now a days is to get to the run in as good a shape as possible, and that means being good in the swim and on the bike.


  • mercedesmercedes ✭✭✭

    Are you eating enough carbohydrate to keep energy levels high during faster or longer runs?  Try eating a couple of bananas an hour before running. Also, why not carry a packet of sweets in your pocket (I like fisherman's friends as I suffer from mild hay fever and they help unblock my nose, but you could try dextrose tablets, for example). This will release sugar in your blood as you run and make it available to your muscles and help you keep going. 

  • M...eldy wrote (see)
    errr ... none taken image

    i know what you mean image

    and as far as the 70 to 90 miles goes thats totally meaningless 80 on the bike 10 running ? 40 running 20 swimming - who fucking knows, and that why i gave a stupid answer to which the irony went straight over the OP head. im so glad i pop in every so often 


  • Er ok. Confusing.

    But if you think you're overtraining then I think you probably are.

    I'd have a week off and see how you feel after that. You don't lose any fitness in a week - so it must be worth a try.
  • Hi S.C the plan I am referring to is Ironfit secrets for the half ironman by don fink a few people on the training for a shorter tri thread are currently using it, not to pricey but I believe there are free plans on beginner triathlete .com the fink book however covers HR zone efficiency, Core exercises, weights,drills etc plus the plan given your current training you should be okay jumping in at week 4 of the 16 week plan.
  • Thank you everyone, I might have made it a bit difficult for you all to get an understanding of my "hectic" training - mainly due to the fact that training this regularly and seriously is all new to me.
    But have received some very good advice so will take this with me and let you know how I get on after the H IM if you are interestedimage

    Firstly I will take this week very easy - just swim and gym (as I am following a programme)

    Secondly I will look at starting a plan next week or so.

    Thank you all image

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭


    I don't think you quite understood what we said.

    N O T H I N G

    not even swim nor gym.  If you are over training, you need enforced rest. Nothing.  Don't make me come and tie you to a chair. Nooooothing.

    Get it?

    Honestly, those of us who have overtrained (me included) are speaking from experience.

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    That also means no 18 mile run.

    In case you didn't understand.


  • But ... but..... (bottom lip is out now...) - what about swim only? That doesnt take a lot of effort... not at my "pace" anyway...

    Pleeeassee sirrrrr image

  • M..o.use wrote (see)

    That also means no 18 mile run.

    In case you didn't understand.



    No now you are just out of order! image image

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭


    Madam, if you please.


    No swimming.

    If you absolutely have to do something, you can do core work, strength and conditioning, yoga or pilates.

    That's it.


  • Just for the sake of balance, I'd argue that an easy swim has less impact than a proper gym session.

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭


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