Ironman Seat post number and tool kit

Just to depress myself a bit more about the weekend I was looking through the race numbers and everything from the weekend and I've got a question. It might be useful for others. One of the numbers you attach to the bike is a really long one that you wrap around the seat post (or brake cable it says) and it sticks out behind the seat post like a flag, displaying the number. From looking at my bike, I would have had to remove my toolkit. There isn't enough room for the sticker and the toolkit on my bike. I have this topeak bag that attaches to the seat and post. How do people get around that? Tools somewhere else?


  • The only thing (as far as I'm aware) that this number is used for is to try to prevent you walking out of transition with a nicer bike than you entered with (they'll typically cross check your race number with this sticker)- so as long as it's attached to the frame somewhere it shouldn't matter too much.

  • You can still wrap it round the seat post just that it would only be visible from one side ...or try the brake cable
  • Ah okay, I was worried it had to be visible both sides. Cool.

    Thanks folks.
  • can't be a problem as I think most bikes have the little toolkit bag on the back......image

  • Sort of jam mine on the post under my tool bag, Suppose being tall I have plenty of post exposed

  • No problem with putting it on the brake cable. Its not for ID when moving - just in and out of transition.

    If no brake cable available - round the seat stay.
  • You should ask Barley - I seem to remember he has a collection of them all over his bike - just to confuse the Officials!!

  • I had a purge and removed most of them, still have last years Lanza number along my top tube (rather like it there).

    Removed a nice helmet number build up a couple of years ago , must have been 10-15 numbers one on top of the other image
  • Doesn't that effect your aerodynamics Barlos? image
  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    I take the previous race's number off for the next race.  It's become a bit of a 'thing' now. So I think I am currently still sporting IM Wales number on my seat post.  The Chiltern 100 didn't count.

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