National time trial Thursday 26th June

As the mens Time trial doesn't start until 6:30pm I was thinking of heading out to watch it. Looking at the map there are a couple of points to watch but does anyone know which direction they are going? Looking at the map do they go clockwise or anti-clockwise away from the Celtic manor?

Anyone else thinking of going to watch?


  • I was heading through Abergevenny Sunday on the way back from a Race the Sun type challenge. But I shall avoid the whole area now.

  • Where is the map ? Anticlockwise would seem to be more sensible if there are any junctions around ? So they go left rather than right ?
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    does it really matter about direction??  if it's a closed road event then just choose a good spot and stand there and you'll see them come by - just make sure you're looking in the right direction!

  • It is closed road so I guess it doesn't really matter. Just wondered on direction as would rather see people go up a hill than down it tbh
  • It's anticlockwise
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