Having just renewed my RW subscription I have just received a copy of Accuroute and not possessing a scanner I will need to download some maps. Can anyone recommend any good websites for maps? I have had alook at multimap but it doesn't appear you can download from it.
Any advice would be appreciated!


  • Fi,

    Multimap is the best place, right click on the map and save picture as. Then you will be able to open it in Accuroute.

  • I use I may get arrested for this, but here's how:
    Call up the map you want
    position cursor over the map
    right click mouse
    select "save picture as"
    choose suitable file name and format (*jpg I think for Accuroute)
    Away you go!
  • Enter the following URL (would enter an html tag, but am at home and can't remember how to do it!) and you will see all the map sources that Accuroute recommend off the web...
  • There used to be a fantastic utility called MapGrabber on the trailgauge site that downloaded any map you wanted from Streetmap - you just told where you wanted it centered on and how wide and high you wanted it and it downloaded all the peices and joined them together for you.

    I've just checked and its not there anymore but it might be knocking about elsewhere on the web.
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