Shockwave therapy

Hello everyone

i have finally found out what is wrong with my knee, i have Patellar tendonitis. The physio is going to use shock waves tomorrow in our session to re-damage the tendon and then help me repair in the correct way.


Has anyone dealt with this issue before and has anyone had shock wave therapy before?




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    I'll start by saying I haven't had shockwave therapy before, so can't comment on that, but what I can say is that the principle sounds the same as what I went through for a hip flexor tear.

    Playing football, somehow when I took a shot on goal, I managed to properly tear my right hip flexor, to the extent that I could no longer lift my leg at all. Given the popping noise I originally thought I'd dislocated something. Anyway a quick trip to the docs and he said it was simply a sprain, just leave it and it'll get better. Not convinced I saw (what I now consider) a crap physio who said pretty much the same.

    2 years later I saw a chiropracter for some shoulder and back problems, and the first thing they did was to take X-rays to know what they were starting with. Weirdly there was what looked like a bone spur off the bottom of my right pelvis - effectively where the hip flexor had grown back calcified from the damage and lack of proper recovery.

    The physio I subsequently saw (linked with the chiropracter) then put me through all sorts of pain in order to fix the original damage and the damage caused by not following a proper corrective course. This involved him putting thumbs and elbows as hard as he could against the tendon and then rolling it back and forth against the bones beneath (basically because they couldnt afford a shockwave / ultrasound machine). The idea here was that it would break down (re-damage) the tendon and then a series of thrice daily stretches would allow it to repair properly.

    After 6 weeks, the change was unbelievable. I still have a weak hip flexor and I notice it particularly in a very low aero position, but I'd hazard to say its back to about 90-95%.

    I dont know in your particular circumstance whether tendonitis can follow the same treatment, but thought I'd share so that you know re-damaging tendons and following a corrective process after can be successful for some injuries.

  • Tried it for plantar. A tiny bit painful (ahem) and didn't seem to make much difference but we'll be interested to see how you get on

  • Well just had my first of 3 sessions yesterday. All i can say is what a weird feeling it was. It wasnt painful as such just felt like someone hitting your kneecap and tendons with the top of a pencil 2000 times.

    Most of my leg was numb yesterday but a little bruised and aching today. I have got a set of stretches i need to perform plus i can still cycle on the turbo for a bit. 

    Next week the power is going to be higher still with stretches then the final session will be even higher again followed by a plan of strengthening exercises.

    I will have a final meeting 6 weeks after to see how its going so will keep you posted

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