Championship places at London

I had a place at VMLM 2014 however had to pull out due to injury. Since then training has gone really. I am just looking at completing my application for the 2015 marathon as  I have a deferred entry but I also think I might have a chance at a championship place. I ran a half marathon a month ago and was not far off the qualifying time yet the course was particularly slow (a mile of it was on the beach!). I have another half marathon in October and think I might come close to 1:15.


If I was to apply for my deferred place does anybody know whether I would have the option to upgrade to a championship start if I were to run sub1:15 in October?




  • Think the GFA places are given on your full marathon time and not based on a HM time. Think you would have to run it in 2015 and achieve the time to qualify in 2016.

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭
    bigeater - GFA is based on marathon times only but Championship qualifying standard includes sub-1:15 half.

    Jack - Yes, you'll be able to upgrade. See you there, hopefully!
  • Sorry. Thanks for that, you learn something everyday

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