Outlaw relay -marathon

I have just been asked if i would like to do the run leg of the Outlaw on July 27th.....


Of course i said yes.....but havent run anything over 11 miles since VLM in April, though i have kept my mileage at 25miles + per week....

I have a HM this sunday (which i had planned anyway), any tips for going from a half to a full in 6 weeks? Am not expecting to be fast...should i plan to run walk?


  • Given that you haven’t mentioned otherwise, I’m assuming your 25+ miles per week don’t include interval training or similar but instead is a simple combination of short, medium and a long runs.

    On that basis, I’d spend the four weeks post HM, chucking 2-3 miles each week on to your long run so that within a month you know how to get to 19/20 miles without issue.  This still allows you two weeks of taper.

    Rough rule of thumb in not to push up your weekly mileage by more than 10% at a time but it sounds like you have a good foundation to build on so you can play a little bit with the distances of your other runs.

    I expect you know the above already so good luck.  Outlaw run is relatively dull (save for the support at HPP) but it’s nice and flat and the aid stations are always well fuelled!

  • Thanks! I have actually raced over 4 miles nearly every week since VLM, so i guess that could count as a speed session! 

    Went out yesterday and did over 13 miles......so easy..felt like so little effort, i could have been playing football...;-)

    15 this weekend then image

  • Given you're sub 4:20 for a marathon, I'd have thought that getting round shouldn't be too much of a problem. Get a few long runs in and the speed you've been doing lately will help on the day. image

  • you seem well fit enough.........you will have fun passing all the triathletes staggerring around the course image

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