Wetsuit or not

For a sea swim with wetsuit optional, what would be faster. Wesuit or not? Just a swim and nothing else


  • It's a generallisation but a wetsuit is faster a lot more so if your a bloke instead of a lady due to buancy. For a sea swim I'm not aware of there being to much difference but might be wrong.

  • depends on how good a swimmer you are and the type of wetsuit......also the distance of the swim.....

    if you are a good swimmer and its a short distance I would go without........especially with the extra buoyancy of the water.....


    not sure why Cake mentions sex..as I am a woman and I swim horrendously without a wetsuit.has an analysis from a top coach and my leg drag is very bad...but getting better with postioning.

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    It is a commonly held belief that men are less floaty.

  • It's been mentioned to me a few times from Caz and Bookie and just assumed every lady is the same. image

  • It seems like its me not you then Cake.....I must have a manly body.....

  • I'm a good swimmer but with heavy runner's legs so maybe a wetsuit. A 2.5k swim


  • if it had been a 750m swim then i would say probably the time saving in T1 would outway the gain in time for a good swimmer.....but for 2.5k then probably a wetsuit if well fitted would probably be best


     thats a strange distance.is it just a swim .not a tri

  • Wtf?image

  • seren nos wrote (see)

    It seems like its me not you then Cake.....I must have a manly body.....

    I'd snog Seren.

    Oh, you don't want a sensible contribution from "Swims Like a Brick".
    2.5k? Water temperature? Even at 24 degrees, I swim faster in a wettie. There is a consideration that over a long distance your Bodyglide might wear off, and the love bites start to get sore. But 2.5k is not a long distance in those terms. the UK sea doesn't hit 24 degrees either.


  • I have no idea what you are talking about

  • Thank You Blisters........nicest thing written about me for a long time image


    Cunk...........as you have put this in triathlon I presumed that was what the swim was part of........go on admit it.you are drawn to teh dark side image

  • Philomena - do you have a wetsuit? Have you swum in it? Have you timed yourself swimming in it and not? Do you feel comfortable in it? Do you feel the cold when swimming in open water?

    A well fitting wetsuit that's the right style/model for you, bearing in mind your swim style and ability (ie with the optimal amount of buoyancy in the places that will most help you) should make you faster. 

    I know that sounds like it's got caveats up the yin yang but if you don't have the right wetsuit, or it doesn't fit, you're not necessarily going to be quicker.

    Since its just a swim, you don't need to worry about taking it off quickly. For that distance, if it were me, I would wear one, assuming it's not ridiculously hot.

  • Good stuff guys. My minds made up. Wetsuit it is. I do have a wetsuit and I have done an Ironman swim in it with no problems 

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