Pre IMUK Bike Service

I am completely clueless when it comes to bike maintenance. My biggest nightmare is something going wrong on the day and not being able to fix it. I find bike shops intimidating places they can look down their noses at you if you don't have an encyclopaedic knowledge! so, a few questions:

What do people recommend getting checked/replaced before the big day? Obviously a full service-but exactly what should I say t make myself look like I am not going to be taken for a complete mug

When should I get these things done?

Recommendations of anyone top class in north west?


  • DJ cycles in rammy mate

    He is a top bloke

    I will be taking my bike in for a check up

    Before IMUK
  • Paul Hewitt in Leyland or Colin Gardener (bike magician) on Fylde coast. Both have come very highly recommended to me. 

    Good luck! 

  • Just had mine checked over prior to IM Nice.... And damaged chain replaced !

    Thanks guys for the spot.
  • Bikes are very easy to maintain. It's well worth learning a few basics.

    If you are getting it serviced - do it a good few weeks before the race.

    In my experience bikes are usually fine until you mess round with them !
  • Any movable parts need checking, gears, wheel bearings, brakes, chain. Also keep an eye on your wheels, check spokes, wear to the rim that wears down by the brake pads, get everything cleaned and re-lubed. Finally check all fixings, make sure the wheels are secure, seat post clamp tight, stem and bars, brake pads etc.

    its well worth learning to do most of it yourself and learning as you go, which is really helpful if you encounter problems on ride.

    theres a few good books that are helpful, Zinnia and the art of road bike maintenance is a goodun image

  • Just had mine serviced, about £60, full check all moving parts (drivetrain), headset, bottom bracket etc.  Everything nice and clean, lubed now.  Just needed new bottom bracket cups (whatever they are).

    Agree with Cougie, get it serviced a good few weeks before major race so you have time to test ride a couple of times and check any changes/new parts bed in.

  • Having just had a cable snap on me today ending my race just after T1 I would say get your service done image mines in the shop getting fixed now and booked for a full service in a couple of weeks just in time for Outlaw.

  • Thanks for the tips guys. Lots of good advice here, much appreciated.
  • damn right, get it serviced.

    If at all possible, ask if you can have the bike shop show you what they are doing.

  • Just booked mine in for service next Tuesday ahead if IMUK so can test ride it 

    Got DNF at Dartmoor sportive at weekend as pedal and crank arm came clean off after 63 miles in to 67, only 4 bloomin miles left.

    Aparently a FSA common fault, bike shop replaced & repaired for me and will deal with warranty claim as bike on,y 3 months old.

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