Calf strain


i strained my soleus 5 weeks ago, since then I have used iced, heat, ibuprofen and exercises from physio. At 3 weeks I tried a small run to see the progress, after 1 mile  it was sore again so walked home. The physio says try a small run when it hurts stop and walk. I am now at 5 weeks calf felt good but once again after one mile of a short run I got a shooting pain in the middle of calf !  This is getting very frustrating do I need more rest ? I just feel as though I am not getting any further. I had a mild strain in my soleus a month before this happened, perhaps I need my gate analysed . Can anyone help? 



  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Tracy-sounds like what Im suffering from.My physio says the problem is sciatica in the back but radiating/referring the pain down the nerve to my calf. Stretches dont help as its the back problem that needs addressing.As its early on I shouldnt aggravate the problem by running or cycling but should remain active by walking swimming where my posture remains straight. My problem started 3 weeks before Boston Marathon when I lifted some bags of animal feed. Unfortunately whilst initially it was only back ache the calf problem came forthe first time stopped me after 8 miles in the race itself.I did finish but only after 20 mins of treatment in the medical tent. I was ok after that until 3 weeks ago when again I think I did some more lifting .Not sure when this will pass.Im afraid to go on a test run having had to stop after 1-2 miles on 3 occasions.Good luck and hope you make quicker progress than me.

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    I've just suffered a minor tear in mine. I've always had tight calves and grouchy achilles tendons and I had a slight cold when I suffered my injury. (I felt pretty good on the run up until that point). My physio thinks it's a glute issue, ie they are not firing properly, and has given me a load of glute activation exercises to do along with heel drops (which I was doing anyway). Try doing glute work and see if it improves. I'm hoping it does the trick for me as I have a half marathon in October.

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