Cowman 2014

Just booked to do the Cowman next weekend  which will be my first outing in Pirate kit. Hopefully I wont get a pat on the head for my efforts.

Anyone else going? 


  • Not going but race well!


  • Thanks SA, will do. Wonder if the cattle bells will be deafening?
  • do you get a cow based medal?

  • not sure Budjude but in 2011 they got this by the looks of it. That's got to give you neck ache surely.

  • Good luck Hofmeister will be good to know how it goes.

  • Thanks Uncharted, will ensure I've sharpened my pencil for the race report afterward but knowing me these things are all a bit of a blur so it could be something like... gun went off, splashy splashy, lost in transition, peddly, peddly, lost again in transition, ploddy ploddy, getting dark...finish. As long as the last bit is right I'll be happy. image

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    good luck!

  • the lake is not the best, but its a nice event overall - i've done it twice image  - not this year though I am afraid

  • Thanks Mathschick.

    Thanks for the heads up OC. How did you find the bike course?

  • OK so here goes for my first ever race report:

    My swim start time was 6.30am so got up at 3am thinking I'd given myself plenty of time but ,even though the drive is only 45 minutes, I spent far too long faffing about and got to the venue with only 20 minutes to go. Note to self...must be more organised!

    Ran to transition via the toilet block and literally dumped my gear and bike and hurriedly put the wetsuit on back to front, schoolboy error! Managed to get it back on the right way round, zipped up by a friendly spectator, and in the water literally seconds before the countdown to the start.

    Swim went better than I ever could have hoped. I hung back a bit and when I saw a decent enough gap I went for it. The water was quite fresh probably benefitting from all the recent rain and the temperature couldn't have been better. I came out in 43 minutes a wee bit wobbly but relieved, no I didn't wee in the lake.

    And so to T1 where I spent an age getting sorted as I'd just dumped my kit earlier plus I'm always like a fart in a trance in transition, that's when I can find my bike.

    On to the bike which I found harder going than I thought I would, the road surface was hardly smooth and my legs took about half an hour to get going. No major hills though so I was a little disappointed with my time of 3:28. When I came to put the bike in the car I noticed the front tyre was flat, cant say I noticed it on the road though.

    The run was 4 x 5.2Km laps, half of which was off road and I had to really watch my step in places. The only real hill on the run was also on the off road section... which sapped the legs with every lap. Managed to plod round without incident only walking through the drink stations so was happy with that, The support every time I passed transition on the run was fantastic and really gave me a boost, certainly helped wearing Pirate kit.  

    Finished in 6hr 51mins which, for my first time at this distance, I'm pretty pleased with.

    As an aside I was asked by a supporter  if I knew Holgs when in T2 and said no but I'd read his books and so had she, its nice to chat in transition.

    Also A lad working the one of the run drink stations recognised the pirate kit and said how he'd really appreciated the support and the jelly babies he'd got from the Pirates on the run course of Outlaw half recently. 

    In summary had a really great day and although I went there on my own everyone was really friendly and supportive which really helped. Weather was overcast for the swim, windy with sunny intervals for the bike (nice sunburn on shoulders) and half way round the run it tipped it down which to be honest was quite refreshing. No snow though so that was a bonus.

    So endeth my first race report, hope it didn't bore you too much. image

  • Well done Hofmeister sounds like a good confidence boosting race especially given the pre-race rushing around you did really well and most of all it sounds like you enjoyed the experience which is always a bonus. 

    P.S I keep doing that wetsuit trick, doesn't ever seem to get old!


  • Thanks Uncharted! Had a great time and wearing the Pirate kit not only ensured great support but kept me going as I didn't want to let anyone down.

    If I'd have fallen with my feet still in the pedals at the dismount area as well as the shameful wetsuit incident I'd be ordering L plates for my next event. image

  • Sounds like a good race. Nice one.

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