Hybrid Shoes, for trail and road?

Hi, new here, so sorry if this has been asked before.

Been looking at hundreds of reviews, different shoes online and it is a mine field..

I am an Asics vet, been running in them for the last 15 years. Fancied trying something different, but need something for a narrow foot with a mid to low arch, that will have the grip of a trail shoe but flex, weight and comfort of a road shoe, since I run on both rough tracks / woodland and tarmac on a typical day Over around 10k. Have been looking at Salomon, Brooks and Asics. Appreciate any recommendations.

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  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    Sorry being bored and just wanting to randomly change is a recipe for injury image 

    if you have ones that work stick with them.

  • thanks, yeah to be honest, was sort of starting to think the same. Just wondered if there was an even better option out there. There is a specialist running shop in town, so think I'll pop in and try some on. I have had Asics trail shoes before and they do tend to be very good and not too clunky, so may well stick to what I know. Cheers image

  • I don't really think it's a minefield if you think about getting an acceptable to good shoe, rather than hunt for that "perfect" shoe. If you look online for "door to trail" shoes online you'll probably find something entirely suitable.

    A recent model I like is North Face Ultra. A lot of people like Salomon Sense Mantra If you really put flex above protection then look for one without a rockplate and a stack height in the teens or a bit more mm. Minimal are less than this, and conventional raod shoes would be in the upper 20s. If you stick with Asics I like the conventional Gel Trail Attack or a Fuji Trail.

    I think the american site runningwarehouse has footprint profiles to help with fit, though not sure it will help identify a narrow fit. I know some people feel that Salomon trail shoes are a bit narrow.

  • Thanks for your reply Steve. I admit, I am looking for the holy grail of trail shoes... hehe!

    I could find a good pair of shoes fairly easily, most likely the Asics gel trail attack, that you mentioned (sure I've had an earlier version of these before), if I don't find a better option. I do like the look of the Salomon Sense Mantra, it seems to have everything that I am looking for. Very reasonably priced online too, which is a bonus.

    Think I'll go try some on to figure out sizing and see how they feel. Thanks again image




  • You'll anger the trail gods if you try them on, then buy them online. The monetary saving isn't worth the bad joojoo.

  • I have a pair of Nike Wildhorse trail shoes and I'm very impressed, they're cushioned enough to be very comfy but light, grippy and flexible. I run to and fro the words near me on the pavement and this hasn't seemed to deteriorate the lugs either. Another thing I first noticed about them is that they fit a tiny bit narrower than most shoes I've had, I suppose that's a bonus for you. All things considered they're at very least worth an investigate, hope I could help image

  • Hi Alex, thanks for your response.

    I have a pair of Nike Dual Fusion, for the gym, and they are a fab fit on me. They are meant to be a multi surface shoe, with good grip, but not quite enough I would say for anything more than a smooth/dry trail. I have had a pair of Nike trail shoes before, but wasn't overly impressed with them, found them a bit too stiff (if that makes sense). But will keep an open mind. I have always preferred Asics for running in over the years, but have been a bit disappointed with the quality over the last couple of years, hence why I am starting to wonder what else is out there, lol! Thanks again image

  • One thing I read about the wildhorse before I got them is that opposed to previous nike "trail" shoes, for once they are actually a shoe designed for trail, as opposed to a slightly more rugged sole being plonked on an otherwise unmodified shoe.

  • Cheers everyone, have gone for the Asics gel fuji, stuck with what I know.... for now. image

  • i wear the merrell trailglove, its great on and off road, get over 1000 miles from them too, 

  • I have the Brooks Pure Grit and I love them. They are fairly narrow but not too much. I think they're lovely shoes for easy trail or a blend of trail & road running. 

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