Running Partners

My running partner looks like this: 


 Who do you run with?


  • When I run, I run alone. No music, either.  Just me and the road...image

  • I'll run with anybody.  I find that it makes for a good speed session trying to catch up with them as they try to run away

  • Mr garmin

  • Oinks-Rind-WC wrote (see)

    I run with myself and the other voices. No matter how fast I go they can keep up! Help!!

    LOL!! image

  • That's mine , even at a 7 minute mile he still has time to dig whilst waiting for me. Depressing doesn't come close !! 


  • Thanks guys! It's great to see your running companions. My friend's dog is slightly on the overweight side and he can still run faster than me sometimes. Still, he helps me keep my motivation going image 

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