Hyperspeed 6 UK release?

hey all,

I wonder if anyone had any advice on where I can get a pair of size 14 asics hyperspeed 6 in the UK?

I contacted Asics Europe on twitter but no response - they're listed on their US site (as are the nimbus/cumulus 16) though not on the UK site - I geuss they launch in the US first?

Difficulty is, I'm after a pair in size 14 (UK) - I normally run in nimbus 14, though I've run in brooks ghost 6 and cumulus 14, though I'm looking for something a bit more as a racing flat with a little cushioning and the hyperspeed looked like it fit the bill - I need a wide toe box and it seems to be a similar fit to the nimbus/cumulus in this regard.

Any advice on either UK release dates or where anyone may have seen the hyperspeed 6 in that size available online? 

Are there any alternatives I should be looking at?  I loved the combination of weight and cushioning that the hyperspeed seemed to offer.

Should probably say in case useful - 6' 9" and just over 17st.

Would really appreciate any and all advice image



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