Womens shorts

Can anyone recommend the tight cycling style shorts that aren't too unflattering? I like the skins shorts A200 as they are light and tight, but they do look pretty nasty where the hems squeeze you in more than the material, I've seen lots of people out and about in shorts that look good, any recommendations?


  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    Do you need them tight for compression purposes? If not, just get a size bigger than usual. Or anything with a fold-over waistband should work.

  • Nope just like them tight so that they don't ride up, size bigger doesn't work, it's not the waist that is the problem it's the leg hem,
  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    Can't help, then, I'm afraid, as I like the liberating feeling of short, loose shorts. But I did once have some nike ones with some of that gummy stuff round the legs like you get on hold-ups; they might still make those. And I have some Asics loose shorts but with an inner tighter shorts liner that doesn't ride up. These ones. You might not like them as short as that, though.

  • Thanks they look good but I haven't had much luck with liners staying put, I've only tried mizuno though!
  • Same problem but.... I treid several during the last month. I also needed shorts that were not too short on the leg etc


    Ronhill 5' short 

    Also the trail 2 in one is great (tight with short)

    But really exciting were the 2XU compression shorts and 1/2 compression short.

    They both have a thin flattering short over the tight. The difference is the length of the tigh, one above the knee the other one shorter halfway the tigh. Very good fit and really comfortable. Should have seen these earlier because now I ended up with both the Rnhill short and tight as well as the 2XU

  • Thanks I'll have a look at the 2XU
  • In the end I went for the under armour long shorts, slightly see through but really light and half the price of 2xU and no hem bulges!
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