I hate my new shoes :(

mercedesmercedes ✭✭✭

And I can't exchange them because they've been worn once - Grrrr!! image

Being a fan of the Brooks Pure Connect I though it'd be a good idea to get the slightly wider and softer Pure Flow for longer rides. This has totally backfired, as the Flow and I got on reasonably for a few minutes on the treadmill but don't get on AT ALL on longer runs. My old heel and ankle discomfort resurfaced after 7K and I got home knackered and hobbling. I wouldn't have thought possible that a shoe could make this much difference and have been totally humbled by this experience imageAnyone up for a swap? 


  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭
    Then sell them on eBay!
  • mercedesmercedes ✭✭✭

    Yes, I think I may - thanks Booktrunk.

    It's a nice looking shoe, they look like new and it'd be good if I could get some of my money back image

  • Strange your getting heel pain from the Pure Flows as I thought they are for fore/mid foot running? I've just got a pair and transitioning slowly from my normal heel strike.

    As booktrunk says maybe Ebay? Are they much different to the Connects then?

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Brooks I found total rubbish back in the '80's. Always injured. I raced once in a pair called the 'Blast'. Blast they were. As a pronator I found myself running on the inner sidewalls of the shoes in a HM. 

    Changed to asics and a 'whole new world appeared'.

  • mercedesmercedes ✭✭✭

    Ecce, the heel injury is old - I think the Flows have made it flare because they may be too soft for me. I have been running in Connects for a while with no issue other than a small blister on longer runs (hence the reason why I wanted a different pair for increased mileage).

    Ric I have tried Asics but don't get on with them. In particular, the Nimbus I find an absolute nightmare. I don't seem to get on with soft cushioned shoes.

    The Pure Connects have worked very well for me so far so I think I may stick with them and just put up with the blister. After the Flow disaster it seems like a very minor complaint now.


  • mercedesmercedes ✭✭✭

    By the way Ecce, I think the Flows are very different from the Connects, now that I've tried both properly.

    The Flows are much wider and don't hug the foot as much. They're also much flatter, as the Connects have a very pronounced arch that really suits me. I feel much slower and awkward in the Flows. I have been surprised by how different they feel, to be honest.

    How is your transition going? And if you like the Flows, there's a pair in size 6 going cheap in London image 

  • Ah, glad you explained the heel issue (hope it clears up again soon).

    Transitioning is a bit of a mishmash right now, 10k in VFF Bikilas, 6k in PureFlows and 2k Barefoot. Don't think doing this whilst Marathon Training is the wisest thing I've ever doneimage

    Sorry, size 9.5 here btw.

  • mercedesmercedes ✭✭✭

    Hehehe, they'd be a bit tight on you image.

    Forefoot running seems to be working quite well for me and the old injury has not bothered me at all until my fated run in the Flows since I retrained to mid-strike. 

    It's always interesting to hear how others get on - I hope it works for you - best of luck. I'm on my way to Ebay now... image

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Wrong shoes are a nightmare. I'm fortunate that the differences don't affect me as much as they did when I started running. In those days a good pair of shoes was the difference between pb's and nothing.

  • mercedesmercedes ✭✭✭

    Ric & YB - thanks for your thoughts. Yes, the shoe thing is such a minefield.

    YB, you may have a point here. I have spent a few months retraining to strike in the mid/fore foot and I had felt this was going quite well, but it may be worth having my biomechanics reassessed.

    My old injury is complex and partially caused by my own body structure - something I can manage but never completely escape.

    This time it has flared on the inside of my ankle, rather than the insertion of the Achilles, where it used to be when it first made an appearance in my life.

    I think the heel probably isn't directly compromised this time around. My initial feeling is that this may be a shin splint brought about by excessive inside rolling motion of my left ankle due to the soft cushioning of the Flows - something that doesn't happen with the Connects (probably because of the higher arch support and the firmer tread).

    I don't want to put anyone off the Flows, they have good reviews out there, but they clearly haven't worked for me image 

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Insertion of Achilles and shin splints were my first injuries.

    I don't use orthotics myself as I found the fixed nature caused more problems, I do however use a cushioned insert with a good arch support.

    Most of the time I don't need the support as I'm bouncing along on my toes, its when I'm jogging along or getting really tired that I drop on to the flats of my feet.

    Unconditioned runners tend not to get off the flats hence the need for support.


  • mercedesmercedes ✭✭✭

    That's funny Ric - I am heartened by the fact you overcame those injuries, and I hope to follow the same trajectory. I also dislike orthotics, I have found they help in the short term but cause other problems in time.

    From what you say I reckon it is the arch support in my Connects that probably makes them work for me so much better than the Flows, as my running form does deteriorate in long runs as I get tired.

    But of course not everything is down to the shoes - I realise that lack of conditioning has been partly to blame for my injuries and I have (still am) working hard to strengthen my core muscles in order to improve my running style. I also cycle, which definitely helps. But of course this is a long term process. 

    I have to say running is a great (if very frustrating, in my case) way of getting to know oneself! image   

  • mercedesmercedes ✭✭✭

    YB - my blister is on the inside of the third toe and I think it may be down to the shoe being fractionally too narrow. It is also in my right foot, which is completely neutral, has a perfect arch and never gives me any problems. I think I may address the blister problem my trying to go up half a size with the same shoe, as they do feel slightly on the small side.

    However, in my left foot (slightly shorter leg also), I have in the past got a similar blister to the one you describe - but fortunately this is not happening with my current shoes as I think they hold my foot better. 

    Re your comment about the biomechanics assessment, I was planning on going to a sports podiatrist near where I work this week. Experience in running shops hasn't always been a good one (it was following such "advice" that I bought the dreaded Nimbus - worse shoe for me ever and by far the most expensive). 

    Tight calves: I do the "eccentric" stretches on a step - each leg individually.

  • mercedesmercedes ✭✭✭

    Thanks YB, here's keeping my fingers crossed that podiatrist will give me the green light to pound the roads asap! image

  • mercedesmercedes ✭✭✭

    Only 6 mm of absolute difference between the right and left femur. It doesn't seem much, but it has led to functional and postural asymmetries - partly because for years I've neglected to condition my core muscles until I started having running injuries. Nothing that cannot be managed with some good old fashioned hard work and a thin insert. Yourself? 

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