Advice for running shoes for slightly strange feet!!

I really need some advice, before I go back to the running shop I got my new running shoes from. My left foot is fine in a cushioned support shoe, and I was sold the Brooks Adrenaline GTS14. My right on the other hand is a whole different story. I pronate at the back and where my arches are, however as it goes towards the toe I roll slightly outwards (I have a metal pin on the right side of my foot towards the heel). When I first put the adrenalines on when I got them everything sat straight. As it has gone on (and I have only had them 3 weeks) I now roll outwards badly. I do have 'specially' made insoles from a podiatrist, and have tried the trainers with and without these and still the same issues. Does anyone know of any running shoes/brands that may have better strength on the outside of the shoe to stop me rolling over, but that still hold my arch up. I have tried Reebok, Adidas and Nikes, and they don't seem to offer enough comfort or softness to stop pain in my back (I have many issues!!). Has anyone experienced any problems or have had any type of 'duff' shoe, or specific problem with the Adrenaline GTS14. I don't know if this happens at all, I am a complete beginner to running.

Thanks in advance for any help, I don't want to go into a shop and them take advantage with the fact I don't know much about it all!!


  • I do, and I did. Gonna go to a different running shop today for more advice. Just hoping I can find something for my feet as I'm desperate to go running again.

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    Lucie I have been through several shoe nightmares and in the end I seem to be settling into a fairly minimal shoe with few issues. It may be worth strengthening your leg muscles to try to tackle any weaknesses that may be making your foot roll more than it should.

    Many shoes are designed to stop the foot from rolling inwards, rather than outwards (the Brooks Adrenaline is for overpronators, so it is designed that way - probably the opposite of what you need).

    I can only comment on the ones I've tried - one of them is the Asics Cumulus. It's a pretty sturdy shoe with a good amount of cushioning and although neutral in design, it is quite stable. You may want to give it a try and see if it works for you. Another similar shoe but with more cushioning is the Asics Nimbus - this shoe didn't work for me at all because it was way too soft, but given that your problem and mine are very different, you may find this shoe is OK with your right foot. 

    It is worth going through a few and taking your time over the decision. A well fitting shoe that works with your gait and not against it will be a great help in your running progress. Good luck. 

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