Asics Kayano v Nimbus

Began seriously running about a year ago and, after gait analysis revealed mild overpronation, bought some Kayano's. I've been running in Kayano's since (two pairs of 19's) and recently completed the London marathon in a pair. Had no problems with them at all but I'm now wondering whether I still need the stability. 

Before anyone says it, yes, I will go back and get gait analysed again, but I'm after opinion on the Asics Nimbus 16. They look great and claim to offer a very cushioned ride. I love the Kayano's but they are rather bulky. Would it be foolish of me try a pair of Nimbus? Should I just stick with Kayano's? Are they really that different?


  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    buy a pair in a shop see if you can arrange a returns policy where if they don't suit you can exchange for keyanos. If not buy online and if they don't suit you just eBay them. 

  • Laurent DLaurent D ✭✭✭

    I'm lucky in that I can wear a whole range of shoes without causing issues, so I can wear both of these, but yes, they are very different: The nimbus is a neutral shoe that feels like having a bouncy pillow under each foot. I'm happy with them but they could be quite bad if you need any stability. And it's as bulky as the kayano IMO. Or by bulky do you mean stiff?

    Maybe you could go with something in between, like a ravenna?

  • Thanks Laurent D. If they are as bulky as the Kayano's I guess I'll be sticking with the later. What are 'ravenna'?

  • These are the Brooks Ravenna - they are supposed to be a hybrid between cushion and stability. Never tried them myself so can't comment. 

    Re Nimbus v Kayano debate, if there is even a whiff of a chance that you could be overpronating, my opinion is - stick with the Kayanos. 

  • Thanks, I'm tending to agree that the Kayano's are the best option for me. However, I would like to know if my over-pronation has been rectified by wearing stability shoes. I guess the only way to find out is to go and have another gait analysis done. Is there any harm in wearing stability shoes if you don't over-pronate?

  • I don't think your natural pronation will have been corrected by the shoes, as they are only there to prevent your natural movement from going so far.

    A recent study found that neutral runners did better in mild stability shoes but I don't have a link to it, unfortunately. 

  • Very interesting, thanks mercedes.

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