Nike Smartwatch vs Farmin FR610

Hi all.

I cannot make a decision so need help. I've logged 200 miles on nike+ through my iphone. I now want a GPS watch and thought immediately of the nike spartwatch as to reatin and continue my stats. Coming in at c. £150 and thats fine.

However, the Garmin 610 is on sale at £150 now and am being told by some that garmin is the way to go and this watch is normally £230.

Do I go Garmin 610 and forego my last 200 miles of info or stick to nike???


  • Doh!!! typo on the header should not be Farmin although I am farming for ideas!!!

  • You can use various online services to get your nike+ runs into Garmin Connect, the equivilent of the Nike website. 

    In my opinion, the Garmin 610 for £150 is an absolute steal and would pick the Garmin every time.

  • You can also get the Garmin 310xt with hrm for about 125 quid on Amazon at the minute, which is a cracking deal.
  • Garmin FR610 ordered. Thanks all.

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