Karrimor 3DO Eltes....Any good?

Hi Guys,

Need a bit of a review, if possible. I really like the look of the new Karrimor 3DO Elite mens running shoes (the bright lime green ones). They look like they are exactly what I'm after, but as I have trawled through the Forum looking for a review, it has become obvious that Karrimor shoes arent the best (and lets ignore the Sports Direct experience for now...)


So, I was wondering if anyone has actually used these trainers, and if they are as good as they promise to be? Are they lightweight? Is there any issues with the 3DO cushioning system?

Any advice would be greatly apprieciated



  • Just noticed I spelled Elite wrong in the title. Duh!!!!

  • You need to try them on, check how they fit and feel. Its the only way you'll really know as everyones feet are diffferent!

  • Thanks for the replies

    I didnt want to get into the lying saleperson etc etc, as all of that has been well documented on this Forum. But thanks for the advice, I have started to look at other makes, specifically the Nike Free Run and the Nike Lunar shoes.

    Just to say, the Karrimor trainers are actually £140, so they are not cheap!! Thats why I wanted some advice, as at that price they are aimed at the top-end market, so I would assume that the build quality/durability/technology etc would all be at a level above the rest of the Karrimor range?

  • Ah but is that the "Full" price they artificially market it at before applying a huge discount? You can get them for half that price just through a quick google search. (Ironically, this thread is the top hit)


    My view is that if you are going to spend £140 on shoes, go to sweatshop and get your gait analysed and buy shoes that are right for you. Top end Asics go for around the £140 mark, and Asics have a far better quality about them and are designed with years and years of experience.


  • I'm the top thread? Haha, go me!!

    Yeah, I saw the price discount, thats why I was considering the Karrimors, as half price seems like a great deal on a top-end pair of shoes.

    In that case, I will defo look at the Asics range, see whats available. Cheers for your help Matt

  • they are not half price, thats the price, the "full price" is fabricated to make them appear like a "bargain" 


    that said, they look a nice light weight shoe.

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    Go to sportsshoes.com if you just want random cheap trainers, if you want advice and help, then go to a proper shoe shop 

  • How is it they are still getting away with doing this? You would think it would hsve been clamped down on by now.
  • Although Sports Directs sales tactics are highly immoral, they are not actually illegal. 

    Provided that you sell the product at the claimed price at one branch , for a period of two weeks, you are not breaking the law. 

  • Because they own the brands, they can make the RRP whatever they want.  They only pull this stunt with brands they actualy own.  So I think it is technicaly legal. 

    One thing they do which is not, is refuse to offer refunds for faulty merchandise.  When I worked for them I was told in as many words, not to give refunds for certain products unless the customer knew that I was acting illegaly. 

  • Thanks mate. 

  • One day I'm going to go to this fabled branch of SD where all the gear is at full price and take photos.

    I'd be staggered if they ever sold anything judging by some of these "RRP"s.

  • Have you guys heard of D3O Insoles? Same great shock absorption, but can fit in any brand of shoe and supports the whole foot not just a part of it!

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Mark Powling, would you perhaps sell D3O insoles as a Sales Consultant at Rightstride® Orthotic?


  • Leave Karrimor well alone. Cheap materials, copycat shoes. Be aware of Sweatshop too as they are becoming more of a discounter as now part owned by SD

  • I'd noticed that Sweatshop have Karrimor gear on sale their website nowadays.

    Not a good sign. How long before a Sports Direct takeover?

  • I get a massive trouble fining shoes for my wide feet...all I can say is this...

    .if its comfy then its the correct shoe!

    If I go to a running shop I would be sold motion control shoes and had them in the past ,heavy clunky bricks...now I am running in a shoe that I would never been sold...and loving them!....


    let your feet tell you what they need! 

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