Aldi GPS

Has anyone tried one of the GPS watches Aldi are currently selling for £64.99 (includng heart rate strap)?



  • Yes I have one that I picked up at the weekend. It's pretty basic but does the job although I've not used the HR monitor yet. It has 3 separate "workout" screens that can be viewed during exercise and can be customized with 3 data lines such as distance, time, heart rate, average pace, speed etc for running, cycling, hiking etc. The NAV and compass modes work pretty well and battery life seems good. It doesn't have "multisport" capability though in the way that the 910XT or Ambit 2 does, but then I'm only using it as a stop-gap until the next Suunto or Garmin devices are released.

    Haven't used it side by side with Strava on my iPhone yet to compare accuracy but have downloaded my run results to GPS master and it looks OK. What is useful is that the "workout" data can be easily exported as a .gpx file for upload into Strava directly.

    For £65? Can't go wrong really.

  • Thanks Svalbaard, sounds good image.  Just deciding whether it's worth replacing my old Garmin 305 really.

  • No problem. I have no knowledge of the 305 so can't comment.

  • @ YiddBarmy - you'll get no argument from me other than the 310xt is specifically targeted as a multisport device, where as this is basic time, distance, pace, nav etc.

    Agree with you though, for £65 with a no quibble returns policy and a 3 year warranty it's a no brainer.


  • Just an update if anyone is interested... scratch everything I wrote above from the record lol!!! I ended up taking it back as after about 10 runs as it stopped picking up any form of GPS signal. I didn't bother with a warranty replacement.

    A big well done to ALDI though for their no quibble refund policy.



  • On my second one. First one locked up completely and couldnt be used. Aldi exchanged no problem. 2nd watch was all going well, syncd the data of my first run......and now the watch does not communicate with the app at all. I'm not sure if its the app thats to blame or a problem with the watch, either way its going back to Aldi. So annoying.
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