Backpak for my commute

Hi there,

I was a keen runner but since moving last year my daily commute has become much longer and I have found myself slipping into bad habits and skipping sessions.

I have looked at my journey to work & I could easily run to work to avoid skipping sessions. However to do this I will need to invest in a good backpack. I have only run a few times with a backpack and found it quite annoying as the bag seemed to be flying all over the place. So I need something as lightweight as possible and something that is fitted. Anyone have any suggestions?


  • I use an OMM Classic 25 - but you might need to look for a womans pack ? This might be a bit loose round your shoulders ? Its probably best going into a store and trying some for size.

    If you go much bigger than a 25L though - I'd think you're carrying too much kit.
  • I used to hate running with a backpack, but was recommended the OMM Ultra 15 Marathon Pack.

    Really lightweight (unlike myself), and doesn't bounce around like a lot of others do. Makes the commute much more bearable.

  • Awesome! Thanks guys. Looks like I'm off shopping! image

  • Make sure it has a chest and waist strap and will you want to get a pair of shoes in it?

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