Unortodox training/not recommended

Schedule for next 8 weeks.
Every Mon to Fri like crazy. Every Fri night is Fri night and drink with the boys.Sat is Fri night recovery. Until Sat night and do Fri night again.Sunday morning Oct 13 run for 3 hours, talking non-stop. Sun evening is end of weekend fun before like crazy. Sunday Oct 20 run for 3.5 hours and talk non-stop. Sat Oct 26, Eastbourne 26.2. Sun Oct 27, Snowdon 26.2, Mon Oct 27, Dublin 26.2. (No work). Sun Nov 3, New York 26.2. Tues Nov 5 fly home, join Fri night Dave for 56th b'day party.Later in Nov, Leicester 26.2(Home race). Then hang shoes up til Jan '03.
Base level of physical fitness is good but have not run since New Forest 26.2.
And very little before that since April. Mental fitness is good.
I do not take myself seriously and aim for the fun factor. I read what is best practice etc but just do not get adequate time to apply it. I do what works for me. And yes I have being lucky. Though I know about injury. I get into things because someone says I can't or am not good enough to do that. And then do my best. But I would not run at all if it wasn't fun. This works for me.So never ever be discouraged. Give anything a chance.
I am sure there will be lots to read after this. But what I have written is true. And the events later this month will find me struggling at the back talking non-stop to other runners.


  • Cannot contemplate back to back to back marathons...the rest between Dublin and New York will feel like bliss for you!! Keep us posted on progress and take care of your legs!

    You are definitely in the nutter category!
  • I can understand that method, except I only do little runs
    My job means i miss one nights sleep a week, and i also enjoy a drink
    But i didnt enjoy marathon, 10k a week later and GNR a month after that
    Too tired!
  • How much training do you do during the week Derek - or do you just work and then run Marathons at the weekend? Glad to hear you too can still enjoy the social life bit. I'm definitely of that school of thought.
  • ......and I was worried about running two marathons three weeks apart.........!!
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