Cycling shorts.

What's a good brand of cycling shorts? I specifically want a pair that will stop my arse from hurting the moment it touches the saddle.

Thanks awfully.


  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    You're welcome.
  • Tri shorts less padding sometimes is better

  • The general clue is in the price.

    That said, you started by asking about cycling shorts. I first asked about those, and was soundly destroyed and told that I needed bib-shorts. They were right.

    Other things, you need sex aids, sorry, I mean lubricant. Saddle butter, chamois cream. Slap it all aver. Knackers, crackers, gappers, in fact anywhere that might rub. Some slap it on the pad in the shorts, but be honest it's going to go everywhere anyway.

    Afterwards, if you do have a sore arse, man up, and slap on a splash of surgical spirit. You might wince a bit. but it soon dies. What it does do is keep any abrasions, lesions and open pores clean and clear from infection. Like I say. MTFU.

  • Wiggles own brand, DHB are quite good and reasonably priced

  • I never ever wear bib shorts as they are a pain in the neck to go to toilet in image


  • Why are bibs better?

    I don't get chaffing, I just feel like someone has booted me in that little area between the sheriff's badge and the clackerbag.
  • Aka the Gooch?
  • Had to check that on urban dictionary which gave an excellent explanation.

    So, yes, the gooch.
  • You say MTFU blisters then use chamois cream.....image, have some of your own medicine.

    Personally I don't like bib shorts but each to their own....castelli or DHB for me.


    Sounds like you just need to ride your bike more to me....your undercarraige gets used to it eventually

  • seren nos wrote (see)

    I never ever wear bib shorts as they are a pain in the neck to go to toilet in image


    I take mine off to go to  the toilet image

    I've just bought another pair of Decathlon bib shorts. But I guess shorts are like saddles and very personal. For TT bike I find bib shorts too thick and prefer tri shorts. 

  • I just want my barse to stop hurting.
  • I have a pair of Mavic bibs that are superb

    Loads of Assos cream
  • Mavic for me too although a couple of guys I ride with swear by decathlon if you want a cheaper option. I prefer bibs more so in winter for the added protection for the lower back.

  • Foo

    Have you tried Surgical spirit on an open wound?

  • Not since army basic training.

  • Quote of the week for me


    Blisters wrote (see)

     Slap it all aver. Knackers, crackers, gappers, in fact anywhere that might rub.


  • What's the best chamois cream? I have used Udderly smooth but don't notice much difference with it compared to without. Might not be putting enough on and getting the coverage suggested by Blisters.

  • someone may have said it bit maybe look at your saddle. I had issues before and solved it with a saddle change, to a fizik although I think I may now need a new one. 

  • Just MTFU......

     when i started out i used to cover my bits in lashings of vaseline.......made the saddle very shiny......

    now no problems in thin trishorts even after 20 odd hours in the saddle in one go......image

  • My leg warmers have an open enough weave to let my leg hairs stick through.

    Found out today that my new bib shorts also operate in the same fashion. imageimage

  • I like DHB. I really wanted castelli but they weren't as nice as the cheaper DHBs.

    It might be a saddle thing. Or a HTFU thing ?

    Charge Spoon is a saddle that a fair few people get on with and it's cheap.
  • Assos - lovely cycling shorts.


    Yet a pair of Chinese club kit tri shorts with almost a non chamois are incredibly comfy!

    Runner, swimmer, cyclist and triathlete

    Devoid of a competitive streak :)

    Who cares, I'm in it for the medal!

  • + 1 for Assos especially F1 Mille.


    Add in a Cyfac Gothica CS and you are as close as you can get to a Bentley Continental GT.

    The Crotchguard is good stuff if you have never heard of it. Gets everywhere though.

  • OK, the Crotchguard link is knackered. Seems no longer sold. Chamois Butt'r is next best.

    If anyone knows where I can get me some Crotchguard, shout up please!

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