Wetsuit chafing advice please

Afternoon all, I am having big problems with the back of my wetsuit chafing my neck and am looking for advice please.

Every time I swim open water my neck is red raw from the rubbing and it takes a week to recover, then I swim again and it is removing the scabbing and is just making the area worse.

I am using loads of Bodyglide each time hoping it will help but after 10 minutes the chafing seems to rub through the layer of lube.

I have looked at buying a hooded rash vest to totally cover the area, but am unsure if these would be legal to wear during a race. Hopefully some of you with more experience of the rules could confirm for me if rash vests are allowed.

I have The Long Course Weekend this weekend so would really appreciate any ideas that you have so that hopefully I can sort this before then.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.




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