Run Bike Run - too much too soon

Afternoon All

Fairly new to running so be gentle. Started in March time, being overweight and a previous smoker it was not an easy start, signed up to park run's which got me going and slowly built up distance. Did my first 10k 'race' on sunday and did it in 57:33, loved every minute of it, although hard going at times, on occassion I felt eurphoric during the course (is this nornmal??).

Anyway I've not got the bug and have signed up for Wolf Run in September and Bham Half marathon in October. I'm tempted with doing a Run Bike Run end of September, 10K-35K-5K. Bike distance isn't as problem as keen road cyclist, am I pushing myself to do too much in 6 week period or will training for one event help with the other.

Any advice help tips experiences would be appreciated.






  • Congratulations on your run.

    Wolf run- i believe is 10k right? you should be fine doing that just make sure you build on your balance before running at the wolf run as its on uneven surface and obstacles involved. so i would suggest some off road training to emulate the event. to build up to this you need to start doing jump squats. This will build strength and proprioception




     3x15 per day 2 minute rest in between

    Run Bike Run- providing you don't pick up and injury in the wolf run the you would need to have a 48 hour rest after your wolf run to full recover (get a massage) and then you can get back into training. You have already done a 10k so you can easily increase by 5 within a 12 week training plan. 

    Running and biking have similar physiological effects on the body. The only difference is ground force impact increases when you run. Doing the squats will build muscle mass and power in the lower legs.

    Adding the Bike discipline shouldn't be difficult giving you already ride and have 12 weeks to train the the run bike run.  Make sure you set your seat height and handle bars correctly.

    As for your half marathon you may be too exhausted after competing in the previous two disciplines. Your recovery plan has to be impeccable if you want to compete in the half marathon as well as the previous competitions. You need to ice after every run (20 mins every 2 hours in the first 24 hours) and work in a massage when ever your can. This will minimize muscular damage (icing) rid body of toxins (massage). 

    Prevention tips

    1. Get a your feet checked to confirm how your foot sits and there fore indicating how you run. 

    2. Icing

    3. Massage

    4. Building Strength and Proprioception

    5. Increasing running and cycling distance gradually. 10% per two weeks.

    6. Listen to your body. If after your wolf run your body is battered then give it a rest and plan for the next competition 8-10 weeks after. 

    Hope this helps 



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