Best activity tracker / smart watch for me - what best suits my needs

Recently saw a Fit Bit and liked the look of it but doesn't really give me all the things I wanted. I have done a bit of research but have not found one thing that fits the things I want. I was hoping for some advice on any current or 'to be released' products.

I know what I want probably isn't available so could be a combination of gadgets? I have listed my wants etc and then products I have considered.

My requirements


GPS to track runs, cycles etc

Small discrete

Good software to integrate with. I want to be able to log different types of exercises, watch calories, times with maps, altitudes and distances, activity monitor / graph sleep, heart rate etc. 

Log different types of exercise not just running


Reliability and accuracy

Would likes

Some smart watch fuctionality eg texts, time

decent battery life

wireless sync

Calorie intake in associated software

Not bothered's

Fancy screen



What I've seen that I liked the look of so far are

Nike+ sports watch - Like the fact it is one of the more discrete GPS watches around. Also the little widget sensor that comes with it. Is it waterproof? I am assuming I could put it in my swimming shorts pocket to track swimming distance, attach it to a shoe to use it on a bike ride. Not sure if it does the life tracking a la Fit Bit

Galaxy Gear Fit - Like the smaller design, smart watch fuctionality, life tracking. There doesn't appear to be a small gps tracking device (phone aside - too big) to go with it which you could fit to a shoe or similar. If there was I think this would suit well.


Thanks for any suggestions, information & help.


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