Maraton training and a cold

I'm eight weeks in to my Marathon training plan (16wks total) and I've woken up with  a stinking cold.

Feel pretty achey, and coughing a fair bit, but I'm up and at work, so not at death's door or anything.

Should I:

1) carry on with my normal schedule (7miles at pace tonight, 4m tomorrow and day after, then 15mile LSR at weekend)?

2) go running tonight without any distance or time in mind and just go on until I feel like crap and give up?

3) rest, with no running, until my chest is better and I'm not wheezing so much (could be a while)


  • 3.

    If its a head cold - I'd go.

    Chest cold - then you'll only prolong the recovery. I'd rest up.
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