Training guidance help please


I have followed the nhs couch to 5k and then I have worked myself up to 10k on my own.  I run a 10k weekly at the weekend and then like to run on a Tues 4-5K and a Thurs 5k.

I would eventually like to increase my 10k at the weekend but would like to do a few more 10k first and work myself up to half marathon.

Can anybody suggest a training plan for me?  I have looked at a few online and they call for me to do more than 3 days of running in a week or a crosstrainer and I just haven't got time.  I need to keep it to 3 times a week.

Any suggestions greatly received.

Thank you,



  • You have the right balance on resting and training. All you need to do now is build up on a week day 5k runs a week at a time. Rule of thumb is to increase distance by 10% every two weeks.  

    If you can't add another day to training then don't stress as you will get there just slower then usual. Just make sure you give yourself enough time to train before you enter a half marathon. Set realistic goals 

    I would also recommend sports massage, once a month, as it help to flood the muscles with oxgenated rich blood and rid the body of toxins, therefore aiding recovery and reducing fatigue and cramping.


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