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Hello everyone,

So, I'm looking at possibly getting some trail shoes for the first time and wanted to ask a couple of questions to the forum for advise.

I mainly do my running on pavement and roads but want to train for some long trail runs later in the year. I will definitely be doing some trail runs in my training but I wanted to ask, should I buy normal running shoes and trail shoes? Or just trail shoes and wear them for the road training also?

I just don't want to wear down the trail shoes on the roads before the main event. 






  • I'd recommend that you buy seperate trail shoes particularly if you need any form of support on your road shoes. Also most trail shoes are useless on the road or will wear down very quickly. I started with a cheap pair of Adidas Kanandia as my first trail shoe and I've stuck with them ever since. I need support for my road shoe and have 'floated' between brands but Kanandia has been good for the usual forest trails which I follow and have only really not worked in mud or when moving across rocky surfaces. 

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    I've seen a few people on facebook say they got Salomon Speedcross 3's and even though they are trail shoes out and out, use them happily on the roads.

    I've got a pair of them, but wouldn't normally use them on the roads, but they do work fine, it's difficult as most of the time road shoes are fine on a lot of UK trails in the summer, it's really not until everything gets very wet and muddy that they come into their own. The good thing about trail shoes is the added protection at the front, they usually have a bit more solid rubber at the front, for when you accidentally kick a rock. (as well as usually of course having longer tread for the mud).

    Depending on what sort of terrain your races are going to be over, you might be able to get away with the so called crossover ranges that companies seem to be doing these days road to trail shoes.

    If possible try to get some running in on the actual course or around the course so you can see what sort of shoes you'll need for the race, and work back from there.

  • I`ve got Kanadias and they`re ok for trails but not fun on roads. First trail shoe I had was NB and they were poor. I put them on Ebay!

  • Hey guys, thanks for the information so far. image It's great to read all your opinions.

    @Moomkin - I do have support on my road shoes so this could be a good idea. Do I need to look for trail shoes with support also?

    @boobtrunk - I'm planning on running some of the coastal path in Cornwall so I guess it will be a mixture of trail. I won't be able to get down there before my break but I will make sure to get a mixture of trail and my normal road runs in my training.



  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭
    Matthew Timms wrote (see)

    @boobtrunk - I'm planning on running some of the coastal path in Cornwall so I guess it will be a mixture of trail. I won't be able to get down there before my break but I will make sure to get a mixture of trail and my normal road runs in my training.



    That Freud bloke has a lot to answer for!

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    coastal path you're probably going to want something low profile, rather than a "poshed up road shoe" - a built-up cushionedy sole will give too high a risk of turning your ankle/knee when "tipping" on an uneven surface - any such low-profile "proper" trail shoes won't be much good for significant road running, so yes, 2 pairs of shoes image

    personally, I use Mizuno Harriers, or if longer distances Inov8 Roclite 315's

    they're both OK for a bit of road, but you will wear the studs down

  • @Daz - great thanks for the advise! I will get on with getting a couple of pairs then I think. So I wont want to get a support trail shoe or I guess they don't exist as it can be dangerous? sorry if these are newbie questions!

  • DazTheSlugDazTheSlug ✭✭✭

    I did find a fairly low profile support shoe in the shape of the New Balance 749's - they were the only "do-it-all" shoe that I've ever found - unfortunately they're discontinued image

  • that's a shame! Thanks for the info image

  • Matthew, for me, no need for support for trail shoes. I see you can get Brooks Adrenaline for off road but I haven't tried and have not needed additional support on the softer surfaces that I run on.



  •  thanks for all the advise everyone.

  • Hi Matthew
    I would suggest road shoes for road, trail shoes for trail.
    Mizuno Wave Harrier are a good trail shoe (not too expensive either).  I use Inov8 Roclites for that type of terrain, (the 295's would be good).

  • Hi FRG - thanks for the advise I will check out for those shoes when I go to buy the trail shoes.

    I ended up buying the same version of my road shoes again and as they are an old model (last season or 2 i think) they came out at only £42 so it gives be a better budget for the trail shoes image

  • so I got round to buying a pair and ended up with some Salomon speedcross 3's. I tried on so many pairs of shoes!

    I really liked the inov8s roclites 295 and trailroc 255 but the speedcross just seemed to fit my foot better, plus the heel drop isn't too much between that and my current road shoe. Would be nice to progress to the 255's and a lower heel once I get some more training in. 

    thanks everyone for your advise! 

  • I've heard they're a good shoe Matthew.  Enjoy the trail running!

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