What do the brackets mean?!

Hello, I am training for the Ealing Half Marathon in September and downloaded the advanced training plan from the Bupa website. Just wondering what the flipping hell the brackets mean in relation to my training. Are these the times/distances I am meant to recovery run? Or run faster? Arrrrgh? Any advice would be wonderful. Thank you www.bupa.co.uk/running/training/training-programmes/advanced-half-marathon


  • They are recoveries. So if you see the session

    Intervals: 4x1 mile (400m)

    Thats running at 1mi Interval pace for a mile. Then when you've done a mile, do a recovery jog for 400 meters.

    Tempo 3x7mins (4mins)


    This is running at Tempo/Threshold pace for 7 minutes, then running at recovery pace for 4 minutes.


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