Calf Strain - Just some advice please



I have been running for years @35 - 40 miles a week and doing a few marathons now and again, all with no problem.

Then I went happily off for a run with new trainers, by the time I had got home I could hardly walk as my calf got tighter and tighter.  I am now two weeks down the line, 3 physio vists who thinks it is a grade 1 strain.  I can walk with no problem just a dull throb, On Sunday I went for a wee jog and hobbled back.

Doing the usual stretches and doing a bit of cycling, I have had no improvement yet.

Please can anyone advise on a)best course of action. b)roughly how long to take off c)do you think I would be OK for an end of sept marathon (sunday before injury was a 15 mile run).

Thoughts appreciated!



  • As a 1 time calf sufferer, do squats for two weeks, it will strengthen your upper leg muscles and take the strain off your Calf muscles

  • I had a similar one off calf injury - rested for 2 weeks and used foam roller.  Seemed to work

  • Been doing squats  after your advice and have been using a triggerpoint roller.  Seems to be improving, thanks.


  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭

    Same thing happened to me today. I'd been running in Nike Frees but they changed the fit somehow and my newest pair rub my toes. As I'm doing an off-road half in the autumn I invested in some NB Minimus trail shoes and they arrived yesterday. Went for an easy 5 miler this morning and felt good so sped up on the homeward stretch and something popped in my calf. Had to hobble home and am now sat with ice on it. I'm going to see a physio but I have a roller and I really need to get on those squats and glute exercises.

  • Hi cal,  how is your calf?  Mine seems on the mend, five weeks on!

    the last week been doing 4 miles every other day and will build up over the next few weeks hopefully to pre injury levels.  Just taking it steady as deferred my marthon place to take the stress off.

    the injury has cost me a fortune as been biking so treated myself to loads of new biking gear!

  • Hi guys. Respect to everyone who has replied but this is my advice. I tore both calves three times each before my first London marathon and trust me I learnt a lot. if you have a grade 1 tear do not stretch and do not do stair drops to feel if the tear is still there.Usual trigger is changing your trainers. If you feel your heel is dropping even slightly lower this is a major trigger to a tear. Strengthtn your glutes with sets of hip flexers. Dont panic and get a calf massage. This will do more damage. I panicked and had a calf tear at mile 1 of the Jersey marathon. 

    If you get a tear wait a week before you run again. Ice it . Get a foam roller. My tears before my first London were caused by me buying mega cushioned trainers and panicking. Please with calf injuries please dont panic.


  • exerice for glutes I meant to refer to were clams. sorry

  • Helen, it finally seems to be improving. I can now walk downstairs like a normal person! (I've also spent a fortune on physios, a sports massage today and various physio toys. Who said running was cheap?!) I've been doing rehab (and glute strengthening - yes clams) daily but I also took advantage of an offer the local Bikram Yoga studio had one (20 days for £35 - go as often as you like) and the difference between Saturday and today is massive. I haven't tried running on it yet but I did try kicking up into a handstand today and I could do it without think "oh crap, I shouldn't have done that!" which is what happened when I tried just after the injury (I drive off the injured leg). So I think I should be able to get back to running soon.

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