Garmin Fenix 2

Excited... Sold my 620 and got a fenix 2 instead it arrives tomorrow, anyone got one and got any advice on use... Or is the recommendation to not open it and send it straight back Changed as I want a watch that will go for longer than 8 hours.


  • Yep, slow and me go together image
  • It is a good bit of kit, I have had one for a couple of months. The Ultratrac mode with 60s sampling gave me some crazy results on an ultra recently which was very annoying. Other than that, and the fact it is really quite tricky to set up, it is a great bit of kit. Love the "running dynamics" that it gives you, (cadence, oscillation, contact time etc)

  • Yes, talking about the cadence does it do that from the HRM-Run strap i'm hoping it does, so that I don't need to buy a foot pod as well?

  • no need for a foot pod! (think it actually does cadence from a sensor in the watch itself)

  • Yeah that always seem vague when they say about that.  I guess run with my arm out straight for a minute and look at the difference image

  • or just run without HR and see if it works... although in 2 months I've never run without it!

  • Apart from the casing, battery, and sample rate option, are there any other differences between the Garmin 620 and the Garmin Fenix 2?  The Fenix 2 would seem like the better option even for the non-ultra runner...  Needing to recharge less is always a good thing.

  • Well if it's the same as the 620 then your right. As I sold my 620 and did my last run with it on Tuesday without the HRM-Run strap as that was in the washing machine, and your comment made me look and yep, that still has cadence so it's def in the watch on the 620. So I assume the same for the fenix2.

    With cadence and nothing else image

  • XX1: The 620 has a 'pretty' colour screen which well... the colours are very pastel like and frankly hardly noticable, and it's touchscreen. The touchscreen is cool and I loved that in it.  But, others have said they prefer the ones with buttons as you don't accidentally do things but i'll see. the touchscreen was the real difference.

    Oh and of course the 620 was very light for a running watch... Smallish and light, don't know if the extra weight only 30 odd grammes makes any difference, i'll find out image but I think my original 610 was about the weight of the fenix so i'll adjust.

  • XX1 - Some pretty big differences between them


    FR620 only designed for running, Fenix 2 can be used for cycling and swimming too, and the big ones is that Fenix 2 can be used for navigating etc...

  • Yes the 610 did very basic navigation... was really surprised when i got my 620 and they had taken that out!! basically the 620 is great for running but it's a really, really specialised thing, it does one thing well, but only the one thing. 

    Whereas as far as i can see the Fenix2 does 99.9999% of that and lots of other stuff as well. But without the touchscreen.

  • Thanks for the replies booktrunk and BR image

    Slightly off topic but here's another one to ponder...  Given the functionality of the 620 / Fenix 2, what else is there left to measure?  Where do Garmin go from here?  I'm only thinking in terms of running as I don't cycle or swim...  The only statistic that doesn't seem to be on offer but I'd like to see is Average Stride Length.

  • No you get that on the fenix 2 / 620 look at this as an example... very short stride because of doing hills in this example.




  • on a gentle plod i'm around 88cm and going quicker around 94cm and have been upto 110cm on a fast 1 km sprint.

  • YB -- Agree that Avg Stride Length is an easy calculation given the relevant input criteria...  I calculate it in my running log (MS Excel) but it would be nice to see it on the watch.

  • Yidd: Next one is August, then September, n January.

    Yes a 310xt would have been perfect but a new one is £125 and secondhand they go still for £90 plus. So Selling my watch and getting a Fenix2 only cost £60. So was cheaper. Yes I could have sold mine, got a 310 and pocketed £100, but hey I chose not to image

  • Actually in a pretty good place. My basic problem is i'm to slow a runner, image I'm a wimp running fast breaks me.

    So being a 4:30 marathoner means in long distance events i really am tail end Charlie, and 'fastpackers' would be overtaking me in their droves.  It's learning to manage my resources and not burn out to quickly, which i'm slowly getting the knack of.

    It's a fun challenge because it's not just running it's having to try to control yourself, and limit your output. a bit like when you aren't sure if you have enough petrol to get to the garage, and you coast at times, and are very careful about not going over x speed to guzzle petrol image i'm having to treat myself like that, which is all part of the game. image

  • /members/images/712846/Gallery/photo(6).JPG

     My OH is teasing me, sent me this pic.

  • First plot from my Fenix 2, it works image



  • I've got a usb charger thingy, well actually two as the first one i got was massive, so got a second one a lot smaller, so i have variety image

  • Love it ran for over 3 hours, and walked a few minutes so watch was in use for 3h 15m and at the end it said 82% battery still.  That's brilliant. That is recording data every second.

  • Really love my new fenix 2, but with reservations

    Its so much more robust than the 610 that I had and I hated the touchscreen (sorry booktrunk) if I was running in rain and tried to clear the water it would send the thing mental, no give me robust buttons every time thanks. Obviously all the data options are fab and the battery life is tremendous also  love it can be used for loads of different activities, for me especially hiking! 

    I have had to return the Fenix 2 though as after a few weeks use it started skipping seconds , i only noticed because i was timing my kids runs as opposed to running with it, so it may have done it from the start, and also grey read out on black jeezz is it just me or is that hard to read with a quick glance - time to adopt e reader technology and have a proper white on black or vice versa surely.

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