Smart Coach Help?

Hello all,

Excuse me for being thick. image

I'm due to do the following speedwork session tonight:

Dist: 5mi, inc
Warm; 3x800@3:42
w/400 jogs; Cool

Does this mean my I should be running the 800 repeats in 3:42 or is it 800m at 3:42 per km pace?

Thank you.


  • Please can anybody help?

    Thank you.

  • It's more likely to be the length of the repeats than the pace I'd have thought, but without a bit of context it could be either.

    What are some of your recent race times? 

  • The race time I put in when getting the schedule from Smart Coach was a 50 minute 10k.

    Thank you.

  • OK.

    Yes, definitely 3 minutes and 42 seconds then. I'm (just) sub-40 for 10k, and I find 800m repeats at around 3:42km pace challenging.

    Good luck.

  • Great stuff. Thanks for your help B-B-B. Much appreciated.

  • You were spot on B-B-B. A 3:42 KM pace would have left me in a heap on the ground. The 3 x 3:42 800 was a great workout for me.

    Thanks again.

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