Tri Wetsuits for Larger Ladies!

Hi there

Anyone got advice on entry level wetsuits for triathlon use (i.e easy off!) for a larger lady?  Generally a size 18 (but some come up small!), but only 5ft 3inches.  Don't want to spend a fortune as only just starting out

Many thanks in anticipation!


  • Hello Yorkshire

    I don't have a recommendation but wanted to sympathise with your predicament. Getting sports clothing for us slightly shorter ladies is a nightmare, sleeves and legs too long, crotch around our knees! I think triathlon is the worst...if you aren't 5ft 6 and a size 8 everywhere it's tricky to buy reasonable kit that fits. I don't think boobs are allowed in triathlon!

    OK rant over, I hope someone else has more useful info for you than me!

  • You need to get to a shop and try suits on. Wetsuit fit is very important. If its too loose then you're just gathering water as you go.

    BTW - great Grand Depart Yorkshire - best ever. And thanks for arranging the weather. Awesome. Pity France has let the side down ever since.
  • I know snugg make made to measure ones at a reasonable price..but that is probably more than you want to spend if just starting out and not sure if its your thing or not.......



  • I had the same problem - then I found The Wetsuit Outlet (online) and they sorted me out.  You can phone them and give them your measurements and they'll probably have one to suit you.  I ended up with a men's one because the fit was better and I only paid £59 which I thought was a bargain.  Good luck. image

    BTW, mine is a general purpose wetsuit, not tri specific, but to be honest, I think it'd be totally fine, does the same job for a fraction of the price.

  • if its not a tri speciifc one then i would will really slow you down in the water

  • Thanks guys - I'll wait and see if anyone comes up with other suggestions but the Wetsuit Outlet sounds good Beth.  Not worried about slowing me down in the water - only doing this for fun/myself.


    Yes Cougie - TDF Yorkshire was grand!  Cote de Grinton Moor - don't get an atmosphere like that too often!  Jens Voight - my hero now Cav and Froomedog have gone! 

  • yorkshire...if you are a good swimmer you can get away with a non tri wetsuit or even no are many on here are crap swimmers

    for those who are near the cutoffs then  having something that slows them down rather than speeds them up is a real they miss the cutoffs and the whole race is wasted......



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