Saucony Satbility Shoes

I'm just wondering what the differences are between the Hurricane, Omni and Guide shoe.  I was recommended the hurricane by Saucony team when they did my gait analysis and have used hurricane or more recently the omni series, but see The Guide range as well and wonder what the difference is between them all.  I over pronate slight to moderate on one side and a bit more moderately on the other.  The Hurricane corrected one side 100% but not quite enough the other foot, but was a good compromise and I've had no problems with using hurricane or omni.



  • I think the Guide is slight support, Omni a bit more and Hurricane a bit more again and with more cushioning.

  • I overpronate and used Saucony CS2 Progrid until they "upgraded" the shoe to the CS3 and discontinued the CS2 much to my annoyance.

    Then when it came to me replacing one of my pairs of CS2, all the CS3 were being removed due to some sort of problems with the shoe, so I was given the Omni to try and I have to say, that I cannot notice any difference between the CS2 and the Omni whatsoever.

    I have not tried the Hurricane or The Guide, so am unable to comment on those.

  • Woodysom - The Guide and Hurricane are "Guidance" and the Omni are "Stability".

    Although it's something of a simplification, essentially, the Guide and Hurricane will help counteract most mild to moderate over-pronation, whereas the Omni has more support usually used by people with moderate pronation or sometimes more.

    Whilst the stability of the Hurricane is similar to the Guide, it has more cushioning so will feel more plush and luxurious underfoot and around the upper.

    Hope that helps!

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